5 Jiminny alternatives and competitors to consider for your sales team

What is Jiminny?

Jiminny is a conversation intelligence platform that help businesses create high performing revenue teams. It record, transcribe and analyze your customer conversations to unlock sales team’s potential.

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Top 3 reasons companies looks for Jiminny alternatives

#1 Poor recording quality

Here are few quotes from the G2 and Capterra by Jiminny customers:

Sometimes the audio quality wasn't great - Kyle N

I have had a few issues with customers getting on the screen share. I have also had some weird audio issues with no way of solving the issues. -Brianne P.

The audio quality can lag at times without any warning. This occurred in one instance during an important meeting I had with my senior managers. - Anthony B

Jiminny struggles to capture good quality audio. There have been multiple instances where customers have raised these issues. There are disturbances in audio, no audio at all and lag in audio and video. With no proper audio, transcription and call analysis fails. One feels frustrated when that happens especially for important calls. 

#2 Single pricing for all 

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Jiminny offers single pricing for all sizes of companies. If you do 2 meetings a month or 200 meetings you will pay the same amount. Making Jiminny suitable only for enterprise customers.

#3 Priced higher than competitors

When comparing conversation intelligence tools you will find Jiminny’s pricing to be on a higher side, almost comparable to Gong and Chorus. But when comparing features it lacks by a huge margin. You will think of other tools that offer revenue intelligence and pipeline prediction at the same cost. If you are a buyer, then you will have to be absolutely sure why you are considering Jiminny. Jiminny costs $1020 - $1200 per user per year.

6 Jiminny alternatives and competitors

Here are six Jiminny alternatives and competitors to consider. All these tools differ based on their positioning, offering and their end user. Let’s take a look:

  • Jiminny alternative for Revenue Intelligence: Gong, Chorus, MeetRecord
  • Jiminny alternatives for sales coaching: Gong, MeetRecord, Jiminny
  • Jiminny alternatives for small businesses: MeetRecord, Avoma, Otter
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Let’s now move on to compare each Jiminny alternative in detail. 

1. Gong

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Gong was founded in 2015, an year before Jiminny which was founded in 2016. Gong is a revenue intelligence tool with 2000+ customer and around a third of them are enterprises. It is built for bigger teams and a category leader in revenue intelligence.

While Jiminny is more of a conversational intelligence tool with focus on team's performance, Gong is excels at pipeline prediction and revenue forecast. Where Jiminny promotes personal coaching between manager and rep, Gong offers AI generated actionable insights for reps to do better. 

The starting cost for Gong.io is around $5000 base price + $1500 per user/year.

Our recommendation: If you are an enterprise and looking for a comprehensive revenue intelligence tool then go for Gong.

2. MeetRecord

MeetRecord is a coaching acceleration tool for your revenue team. It helps you capture intelligence from sales and CS calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster.

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MeetRecord focuses on the growing sales team of small businesses and startup.

MeetRecord is built for growing sales teams and small businesses. This means that the team is far more flexible to the needs of such organizations as far as flexibility and pricing are concerned. The user experience is designed to minimize any friction or adoption issues while offering integrations with most tools in the small business ecosystem such as Pipedrive and Hubspot. It promises a dedicated support manager and round-the-clock support, with a 5-star rating on G2 for customer support. 

MeetRecord is a low-risk, easy-to-use Jiminny alternative at 40-60% of the price. You can get started for free. The paid plans start from $19 per user or $228 per user per year. No charge for observer accounts. See MeetRecord live.

Our recommendation: If you are a growing team and looking for a functional tool that performs at par with Gong, Chorus and Jiminny then consider MeetRecord.

3. Chorus

Chorus.ai is one of top player in the Conversational Intelligence market along with Gong over the last 5 years. Conversational intelligence platform and transcribing are it key features. Zoominfo acquired Chorus in 2021.

Chorus's offering is around making better meeting and getting more out of every conversation. Jiminny on other hand focuses on people and teams. It's offering is around making your team perform better.

Pricing for Chorus starts at around $500 per user/year. 

4. Wingman

Wingman is a conversation intelligence platform designed to help teams gather insights from all sales interactions. It helps you record your calls, review deals, and build scalable coaching so teams can create winning sales teams.

Wingman’s have cue cards, a feature that pops cues on a live call. It is one of its standout and most loved features. It listens to your conversation and provides the right cues based on what’s being said. There are few customers who find it distracting and want reps to focus on call. This could be a subjective call for you.

Wingman is priced $720 - $1320 per user per year

5. Avoma

Avoma is a meeting assistant platform for professionals to automate some of the common tasks required for any business meeting. It positions itself primarily as a meeting assistant and a note-taking tool. 

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Jiminny is designed for Sales teams whereas Avoma is designed to be used by all teams including marketing manager and engineering manager. If you are looking for a basic note-taking tool that is extremely easy to use, then Avoma is a great option.

Avoma has a free plan, however, it is a good option for personal use only because of the limited features. For features like CRM integration, you would end up paying around $720 per user/year. There are tighter restrictions around meeting and recording duration for transcription in lower plans.

Which Jiminny alternative should you pick?

Like with most things, this boils down to what you want to prioritize and what you want out of a conversational intelligence tool. 

Here are our recommendations: 

  • If you want an enterprise-grade solution: Opt for Gong or Chorus. They would require some support to get started, and you could start seeing within a year.
  • If you want only recording and transcriptions: Avoma’s free and starter plans work just right.
  • If you are an SMB, or have a growing sales team, OR if you need maximum ROI and flexibility for your sales team: MeetRecord is your best bet. It has a free plan to get you started with paid plans starting at $19/rep/month. It offers great flexibility in payment terms through its monthly payment option compared to Jiminny, Gong, and Chorus that require an advance yearly payment.

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