Capture Intelligence from Every Online Meeting

MeetRecord lets you securely save, manage, and search all your video content so teams collaborate faster and work just gets better.

  • Speak directly to your team
  • Distribute your all-hands
  • Engage your team
  • Shape your company culture

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Every all-hands, all in one place

Your all-hands and leadership updates are available on-demand so your team can get the vital information whenever they need it.

Everyone can watch on any device, from anywhere. Stop spending $10,000+ each time you fly your team out for in-person meetings and start communicating directly to you team wherever they are.

Engage your team

Your team is able to ask follow up questions and get help and advice from other team members by @mentioning them in their comments.

These live on so that new team members continue to benefit and learn from the conversations.

Understand how your team is watching

Every video comes with rich analytics that give insights into what your team is watching and the average amount of time they spend on each video.

These insights help you understand what’s resonating with your team and what you should focus on.

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“The workflows are designed with flexibility that managers are finding it easy to train and build cohesive sales teams”

Schin Kondilkar, People Office, Future Group


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration conversation intelligence
Pipedrive Integration meeting intelligence
Salesforce Integration conversation intelligence
Hubspot 365 Integration meeting intelligence
Gainsight Integration meeting intelligence
Totango Integration meeting intelligence
Meeting transcript analysis - Capture and Analyse Every Interaction

Capture and Analyze Every Interaction

MeetRecord provides a simple, scalable solution to record and analyze all online meetings to create visibility, drive process and behavior changes, and deliver bottom line impact.

Understand What Drives Performance

Quickly identify what top performers do differently so you can replicate winning behaviors across the entire team.

Meeting analytics
Deal intelligence  for meetings - Make Better Data-driven Decisions

Make Better Data-driven Decisions

Give every part of your organization direct access to your customer's voice to drive data-driven thinking. Easily share insights and questions with Product, Marketing, and the C-Suite to get to your desired outcomes faster.

Don't miss out on key deal and market intelligence. It's transformative!

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