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Deal Intelligence

AI reviews your sales calls and emails to capture insights that you can use to unclog stuck deals, and improve sales team's performance.

AI Coaching

AI creates personalized coaching program, reviews and scores your calls, and give your team feedback they can use.

Objection tracking

Track the questions that were asked and answered or unanswered during the calls. Evaluate how your sales rep responded to objections.

Performance Monitoring

Create coaching initiatives to evaluate and score recorded calls. Give actionable feedback that your team can use.

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Get visibility into conversations

The solution analyzes your sales calls, meetings, and emails, and provides actionable insights to help you improve your sales strategy and performance.
Identify trends and patterns in your sales calls and meetings.
Receive real-time recommendations on how to improve your sales pitch and overcome objections.
Gain insights into the needs and preferences of your customers.
Insights IQ- Sales AI to capture insights that drive sales
Insights IQ- Sales AI to capture insights that drive sales

End-to-end AI Coaching

Analyze your sales calls to capture areas of improvement and get recommendations on how these conversations can be improved. Combine this with automated scorecards to check for progress and give actionable insights.
Receive real-time feedback and coaching on your sales calls and meetings.
Identify areas where you need improvement and what went well.
Track progress using AI scorecards and help your reps improve their performance.

Create call libraries

Create playlists of successful sales calls or collections of calls that showcase specific sales techniques or approaches. Organize your calls by topic, customer, or any other criteria that are important to your business, and use this to train new sales reps and coach existing ones.
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales training.
Build a database of successful sales calls for training and reference
Share best practices and success stories across your sales team.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Sharing and collaboration

Enable your team to collaborate and share call recordings, customer feedback, and requirements easily, making it easier for sales reps to work with each other, marketing & product teams to get customer feedback directly from the customer, and sales managers to give feedback to reps.
Better sales feedback loop leading to efficient coaching, and training of sales reps.
Capture mission-critical feedback directly from the customer and at the right time.
Easier sharing, collaboration, and transfer of knowledge across the organization and within the team

Team performance management

This feature allows managers to set goals, track sales metrics, and monitor progress over time. Team managers can identify areas where their team can improve, provide coaching & feedback to help them succeed, and then use AI-driven insights to monitor progress.
Track progress over time and identify areas where their team can improve.
Provide coaching and feedback to help their team achieve its goals.
Monitor the success of their coaching initiatives using scorecards and other metrics.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Coaching initiatives and scorecards

Set up coaching initiatives and assign them to specific sales reps, based on their performance and areas of improvement. Track progress and measure success using scorecards or use AI to score each customer call to monitor progress for each rep or across the team.
Targeted coaching and training for sales reps.
Improved visibility into sales performance and progress.
Greater accountability for sales reps and managers.

Keyword tracking

Track specific keywords and phrases used in your sales calls and meetings. Use Insights IQ to identify trends and insights, as well as monitor the performance of your sales reps.
Identify the most commonly used words and phrases in your sales calls and meetings.
Monitor how often specific keywords or phrases are mentioned by your sales reps or your customer.
Analyze trends and patterns in your sales calls and meetings over time.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Top highlights & summary

Insights IQ automatically summarizes your sales calls and meetings, making it easier to review important information and share it with others.
Automatically generate summaries of your sales calls and meetings.
Highlight the most important points and key takeaways. Organize your summaries by customer, topic, or any other criteria
Share your summaries with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders or send it to your CRM.

Objection tracking

Use Insights IQ to track the questions and objections that come up during your sales calls and meetings. Understand how your rep answers these objections and how the customer responds to this. Identify the most common objects to figure out how best your team could tackle this to improve conversion.
Identify the most common questions and objections that come up during your sales calls and meetings.
Monitor how often specific questions or objections are mentioned by your sales reps.
Analyze how your rep performed while answering these objections and how this can be improved using Insights IQ.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

CRM + dialer integrations

Integrate MeetRecord with your sales tech stack. Capture call data via your dialer & meeting tools then send these insights directly to your CRM to make informed decisions and forecast sales. 
Automatically log your sales calls and customer interactions in your CRM system.
Access customer data and sales information directly from your CRM.
Save time and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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