Coverflex Boosts Prospect Engagement by 35% with Call Reviews

Coverflex, a compensation management solution for businesses, uses MeetRecord for its sales team. Specifically to keep track of customer calls and to reviews & improve on-call performance of their team using coaching programs and AI. 

Coverflex at a Glance

Coverflex is a compensation management solution that brings together every part of employee compensation beyond salary. Benefits, insurance, meal allowance and discounts all rolled into one product.

For companies, it’s a way to easily give people more options and value, improving employee quality of life and the company’s bottom line. For employees, it’s the opportunity to unlock more value and create a custom compensation package that anyone can spend as they choose.

The Challenge

Coverflex has 15+ salespeople making client calls and showing a demo of the platform. The sales team members had to make manual meeting notes and find them manually every time there was a follow up call. 

Additionally, the rest of the teams in Coverflex including CS, marketing and product had no insights on the pain points of the prospects. This usually meant misalignment in expectations between the internal teams and bad customer experience in terms of onboarding and product usage for the clients. 

Sales managers were also looking at a way to help salespeople review their calls and figure out ways to improve these conversations to drive more sales.

MeetRecord - The Solution

While looking for a solution for their customer facing teams, Coverflex had 3 main features they were looking for
1. A way to review previous calls before the subsequent conversation with the customer.  
2. Share insights on customer requirements and pain point to other internal teams.
3. A way to review calls and give feedback directly on the specific call.

Share insights about customer pain points

Coverflex uses MeetRecord to keep track of client conversations and smoothen the handover between sales and other internal teams.

This is in addition to the ability to share client feedback and requirements directly with the product and product marketing teams using the sharing and collaboration features.

The sales team is now able to share call snippets or entire calls with the specific person or a team via both Slack and email.

Call recording and transcription

Use AI to summarize and keep track of customer conversations

With MeetRecord the sales team has now access to all their conversations from within a single dashboard. 

Use AI to summarize your calls, get highlights and minutes of the meeting that your team can refer to before going into the next customer call.

Call recording and transcription Call recording and transcription

AI driven + Manual call reviews, coaching and feedback

Coverflex uses MeetRecord’s native coaching initiative feature to review and rate conversations. 

With Insights IQ, now AI is able to review calls for them faster and is also able to give actionable feedback that Coverflex sales team can use to improve conversations. 

Call recording and transcription

Features Used

Automated summary

Insights IQ automatically analyzes each call and shares call summaries, MoMs and highlights with the team.


Coverflex team uses coaching initiatives to create programs that can be used to track rep progress and implement new processes.

Zoom integration

MeetRecord integrated with Coverflex's Zoom account to join and record all calls made via their account.

Sharing and Feedback

Sync all your meetings and demos with your CRM. Capture call recording directly within your contact page.

The Impact

Coverflex is able to share insights within the organisation using our email and Slack based sharing feature. 

Coverflex sales reps extensively use MeetRecord to review previous calls to prepare context for the next scheduled calls. Sales managers are using AI Coaching and call review features to better help their sales reps.

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