Hive Speeds up Implementation Time by 41% with Improved Collaboration

Hive’s 23 revenue-team members use MeetRecord to keep track of their conversations with customers and use the data for smooth handover of accounts between sales and CS teams.

Hive at a Glance is the foremost marketing platform for event marketers. It integrates with the existing tech stack of its clients and helps deliver personalized campaigns that drive growth for event marketers. Hive gives marketers the ability to easily create email and SMS campaigns built on their ticketing data, helping them drive sales and sell out events.

Hive takes billions of customer data points from platforms like Shopify, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram and more,infer as much knowledge as possible (using some really awesome technology), and then unify, organize, and segment customer profiles based on hundreds of attributes. Using these segments, brands are able to send personalized, automated emails to their customers - at scale.

The Challange has 20+ client reps across sales and account management. Many make calls, others review calls to help them deliver the best possible service to their clients. Most of these reps make close to 30+ calls per week per person. 

Accounts move from sales reps to CS reps as the deals are closed. This meant before the CS team could ever get on a call with customers they had to have all the information that was already shared with sales reps. This usually was difficult because CS reps were dependent on sales reps of all this information and a lot of it was lost in transition. 

Managers within the team were looking for a way to properly evaluate how both sales and CS reps were performing on the calls, especially demo and onboarding calls.

MeetRecord - The Solution

While looking for a solution for their customer facing teams, Hive had 3 main features they were looking for,
1. Smooth handover of all client information between sales, CS and product teams.
2. A central repository where all calls could be recorded and stored.
3. A way to review calls and give feedback directly on the specific call.

Smooth handovers using sharing and collaboration

Hive uses MeetRecord to smoothen the handover between sales and CS; this is in addition to the ability to share client feedback and requirements directly with the product and product marketing teams. 

This was done using the MeetRecord’s in-built sharing and comment feature within each call transcripts.

Call recording and transcription

Central-searchable call repository so that you can find what you want

All calls recorded are added into a searchable repository within your MeetRecord account. With access controls to allow managers to see all the calls of their team members and employees gaining access to call recordings of their own team while other calls remain hidden.

Call recording and transcription

AI driven + Manual call reviews, coaching and feedback

Team managers at Hive now use call recordings and transcripts along with coaching initiatives to understand how their reps performed on calls and leave feedback. 

AI coaching now is able to automatically review and score rep calls based on an auto-generated criteria built using historical data.

Call recording and transcription

Features Used

Call Recording

Hive connected their calendar to MeetRecord to keep track of and record all conversations between the rep and the customers.


All customer call were transcribed and added into a searchable database allowing managers to easily find and help resolve customer queries

Zoom integration

MeetRecord integrated with Hive's Zoom account to join and record all calls made via their account.

Sharing and Feedback

Sync all your meetings and demos with your CRM. Capture call recording directly within your contact page.


Hive is able to smooth out the handover process between sales and CS teams. While also giving their managers ability to review calls using coaching initiatives.

With AI Coaching, team managers are now able to review and give feedback 10X faster and have seen significant increase in performance. 

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