Capture Meeting Intelligence

Create calls library. Coach & Collaborate.

MeetRecord helps sales teams to capture intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster.

Zoom Integration conversation intelligence

Close Deals Faster

Get actionable and timely feedback for deals to increase win-rate and grow pipeline

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Ramp-up Coaching

Identify best practices. Reduce onboarding time with real-world examples and use-cases.

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Create Call Library

Store, transcribe, and search across your video calls. Share parts of recordings securely.

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Over 126,000 Interactions Analyzed

“The workflows are designed with flexibility that managers are finding it easy to train and build cohesive sales teams.”

Sachin Kondilkar, Future Group


Salesforce Integration conversation intelligence
Pipedrive Integration meeting intelligence
Hubspot 365 Integration meeting intelligence
Totango Integration meeting intelligence

Don't Let Your Valuable Data Vaporize

MeetRecord records and transcribes your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings to make it accessible at your fingertips

Meeting transcript analysis - Capture and Analyse Every Interaction

Capture and Analyze Every Interaction

MeetRecord provides a simple, scalable solution to record and analyze all online meetings to create visibility, drive process and behavior changes, and deliver bottom line impact.

Understand What Drives Performance

Quickly identify what top performers do differently so you can replicate winning behaviors across the entire team.

Meeting analytics
Deal intelligence  for meetings - Make Better Data-driven Decisions

Make Better Data-driven Decisions

Give every part of your organization direct access to your customer's voice to drive data-driven thinking. Easily share insights and questions with Product, Marketing, and the C-Suite to get to your desired outcomes faster.

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