Worried, why the deals are stuck?  

Get in-depth visibility into your customer calls & move deals forward.

Are you looking to understand what is helping you close deals, and what isn't? or figuring out who in your team needs help and where do they need it? Then, try MeetRecord now!

Get visibility into your sales and CS calls. Do root-cause analysis to find what's not working.
Implement end-to-end coaching using AI that is unbiased and fully automated.
Get recommendations to unblock those stuck deals and drive revenue.
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The support from the team is almost instant and the MeetRecord team is very receptive to new ideas and features.

Pedro A.
Growth ops, Coverflex

The best thing about Meet Record is that it allows our sales team to record demos and review them before the second meeting.

Luis Rocha
Founder, Coverflex

No other solution offers material ways to help remote CS and sales teams improve like MeetRecord.

Aaron Surloff
COO, Omnkey

Use AI to help your team answer objections better

One of the best ways to get more sales is to improve conversion. Even marginally improving demo to customer conversion rates can drive growth by up to 40%. 

MeetRecord’s AI, helps you identify patterns in your sales conversations things like,
What are the most common objections during the call?
What are the most common questions being asked about your product or pricing?
What features were most requested in all your conversation?
How well is your sales team answering these questions?
Use these insights to update and modify your process or create coaching programs to help your team improve how they answer customer questions and objections.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Automatically track and share customer requirements

Customer feedback and requirements tend to slip through cracks in most cases. 

Imagine being able to automatically capture customer requirements and feedback directly from the call.

With MeetRecord you can,
Create trackers to track if customers mention specific features, competitors or requirements in the calls.
Build filters to notify yourself or your team whenever a call with the tracker is recorded.
Create a playlist of calls that you can use to drive new campaigns or to build new features.
This helps your team to efficiently track market conditions,  effectiveness of marketing campaigns and drive feature adoption within your customer base.

All your calls in a single searchable database

Need to know what the customer requirement was and how they want it to be fulfilled?

Or what the customers spoke about last week before this week's call?

We got you covered.

MeetRecord records and places all your customer calls into a single dashboard searchable by customer name, deal names or rep.

The best part, AI reviews your calls and gives you a summary, a highlight and a MoM that you can use to keep yourself up-to-date.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Integrate with your existing CRM and meeting tools

We understand you would prefer all your data in a single platform.

Native integrations with your CRM, meeting tool, calendar, dialers and messaging tools would make sure that all your data is synced into your CRM along with the insights from each conversation.

Or you can just MeetRecord dashboard to create custom reports that you and your team can use to keep track of progress.

Get visibility into your sales conversations now!