Capturing insights from umpteen Sales conversations is still CRAZY COMPLICATED. So we rebuilt it.

We believe we can fundamentally change the way we scale business by unlocking insights trapped in our conversations. We are working on technology that helps you get visibility and actionable data quicker, at your fingertips.
Sachin Sinha is Co-founder and leads Sales at MeetRecord. He is graduate from Univ. of Wales. He has built sales teams from ground up and has over 10 years of experience with Enterprise Sales with companies like Whatfix & Utopia.
Snehal Nimje is Co-founder and leads Product at MeetRecord. He graduated from IIT Bombay in 2010. He started his first startup in 2nd year of college which was acquired in 2012. Later he helped scale consumer startup to over 3m users.
Paras Jain is Co-founder and leads Success at MeetRecord. He graduated from IIT Bombay in 2010. He worked as a Strategy Mangement Consultant before where he helped companies like Microsoft, Intuit grow in India.

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Why MeetRecord?

Close Deals Faster

Get actionable insights from deals to increase win-rate and grow pipeline

Ramp-up Coaching

Identify best practices. Reduce onboarding time with real-world examples and use-cases

Create Call Library

Store, transcribe, and search across your video calls. Share recordings securely

Track and record all customer calls

Integrate with your existing meeting tools and calendar to track and record all your customer calls.

Get call insights and coaching opportunities that you can use to evaluate and upskill your sales team.

Analyze and evaluate calls within minutes

Call analysis can quickly become tedious, especially when you have 100s of calls to go through.

MeetRecord analyzes customer calls to capture insights, identify churn indicators and track keywords.

Use these insights to evaluate performance across the team or for a specific individual within minutes.

Upskill your team with customized coaching initiatives

Find areas your team might need help with.

Build customized coaching initiatives for individual team members to help them with specific areas of improvement.

Create playlists of your best-performing calls for your team to upskill themselves.

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Hubspot 365 Integration meeting intelligence
Pipedrive Integration meeting intelligence
Totango Integration meeting intelligence

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Get in-depth visibility into your sales conversations. Rated 4.8 on G2.

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