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Best for small teams. Set up basic practices with recording, transcription and collaboration.

From $49/user per month
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Video call recording & transcription
Meeting tools integration - Zoom, Google meet, Teams
7+ CRM integration - Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Close + more
Create call playlists and libraries
Share call snippets & tracking
Keyword tracking
Setup & Support
Zero setup fee
3 months data retention
7 day free trial
24x5 support

Best for growing teams . AI call scoring, coaching initiatives, objection tracking and meeting insights.

Custom Best Price
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Video call recording & transcription
Meeting tools integration - Zoom, Google meet, Teams
7+ CRM integration - Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Close + more
Create call playlists and libraries
Share call snippets & tracking
Keyword tracking
Deal Intelligence
Health Score and Timeline
Deal Activity & Summary
Deal Spotlight
AI Coaching
Coaching initiatives and auto-generated scorecards
Automated Call Scoring
Team performance management
AI Call Insights
Questions & objection tracking
AI Power summaries
AI Follow-up emails
Setup and Support
1 year data retention
Zero setup fee
7 day free trial
24x5 support

Best for large teams. Deal intelligence, dialer integrations, advanced analytics and more.

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Everything in Professional Plan +
Advanced Analytics
6+ Custom Dashboards
Filters & Alerts on Email/Slack
Smart auto-generated trackers
Customization + Branding
Customize note-taker name
Labeling and tagging
More features
Import call recordings
Deal & Account Intelligence
8+ Dialer integrations - Hubspot, Close, Zoom phone, Aircall, Dialpad + more
Developer APIs
Slack connect
Zapier connect
Setup & Support
Zero setup fee
3 years data retention
Dedicated CSM
7 day free trial
24x5 support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding service, billing, support, and more. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Do you provide a free-trial?

Yes, you can try MeetRecord for free by signing up. However, we recommend you talk to our team so they can onboard you smoothly.

How long is the trial? Can I extend it?

The free-trial is for 7 days. Post that, if you need a few more days to evaluate the product, connect with  our team, they will be happy to assist you.

Do you have monthly or quarterly plans?

We are flexible in helping you get the best ROI. Our sales team will provide you with the applicable options - yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Is there any platform fee or base price? Also, onboarding fee or service fee?

No, we do not charge any platform fee or base price. Also, there is no training or onboarding fee.

Do I need to provide credit card for free-trial?

No, you wont be asked for credit card while starting or during the free-trial.

How many users can I add during free-trial?

We recommend you invite at least 2 team members to MeetRecord to have an effective trial. Maximum you can invite 5 users to try out the product. If you have specific requirements, please talk to our team.

Do I get the full experience during trial?

Yes, you will be on the highest plan which provides FULL experience including extensive AI and automation features like - InsightsIQ, Deal Health Score and Deal Recommendations, Customizing notetaker name, and more

Can I integrate meeting and dialers during trials?

Yes, you can connect all the available 20+ integrations including - dialers, meeting tools, CRMS, and phone apps.

When do I get billed?

If you choose to start with the paid plan, you will be billed on the same date every month. For instance, if you started on 7th March, next invoice will be generated on 7th of April.

Do I need to pay every time I add a user?

No, you will be charged on pro-rata only for your usage in the next billing cycle.

Secure and ready for you

Enterprise grade security built into the platform that you and your team use. So that you can spend time on doing what you do best. Sell!
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Top Features

Sharing and collaboration

Share call recordings or snippets with your customers and colleagues via email, links or Slack. Add comments directly on the transcript to share feedback.

AI Coaching programs and scorecards

Create coaching initiatives to evaluate and score recorded calls. Give actionable feedback that your team can use.

Questions & objection tracking

Track the questions that were asked and answered during the conversation. Evaluate how your sales rep responded to objections.

Revenue Intelligence

See how your deals are progressing in the pipeline. Identify deals that need more activity or the ones that look promising.

Team performance management

Manage rep and team performance by tracking objection handling, pitching and process adherence for all your customer facing teams.

Top highlights & Summary

Get AI driven call highlights and summary/minutes of the meeting right on your recording dashboard.

Create and track keywords

Create and add keywords that you want to track . Jump to the sections with the specific keywords to capture customer feedback or evaluate calls.

Why MeetRecord?

Derive Intelligence

Share customer insights and intelligence over a single platform making it accessible for everyone.

Find Upsell Opportunities

Enable the Sales Team with Upsell Opportunities. Improve NRR.

Ramp up Coaching

Identify best practices. Reduced onboarding time with actual examples and use-cases

What they say

After using the other competitive solutions out there we were thrilled with the value, customer support, and MeetRecord team’s commitment to client feedback-driven product updates. If you're looking for a sales coaching tool or post-demo analysis, you have to give MeetRecord a try!

Andrew V.

Head of Revenue,

MeetRecord automatically places all of our meeting recordings into an easily searchable bucket which we use to make sure our processes are followed and to coach our team. I like their support team and how they work with us diligently to ensure the platform completely met our needs.

Daniel Tingle

Software Specialist, Gym Launch

We now get full insight with the analytics into what is happening on our sales calls. I'm starting to pinpoint keywords that are being used and figure out where our team is doing well. With this tool, I am coaching my team to coach themselves well!

Sam Nesbitt

VP Sales, Apprentice

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