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Hubspot 365 Integration meeting intelligence

Sync all your meetings and demos with your Hubspot marketing and sales accounts. Capture call recording directly within your contact page.

Pipedrive Integration meeting intelligence

Track accounts and associate conversations with specific contacts and deals, to see how your team performed over calls with your customers.

Google Meet

Record and transcribe all your meetings hosted on Google Meet. Identify requirements and understand the voice of the customer to help close deals faster.

Zoom Integration meeting intelligence

Find training opportunities, track conversations and build MoM’s by integrating MeetRecord with your Zoom conferencing solution.

Google Calendar Integration meeting intelligence
Google Calender

Schedule, record, and track all your meetings and demos right from within your Google Calendar.


Notify your team every time a call is recorded or share call snippets with your teammates and managers directly via slack direct messages. 

Microsoft Outlook Integration meeting intelligence
Outlook Calender

Track, and schedule demos right from your Outlook calendar. Join meetings with your notetaker to record and transcribe these calls.

Salesforce Integration conversation intelligence

Associate contacts, accounts and leads with meetings. Know how your team did and give direct feedback based on recordings.

Microsoft Teams Integration conversation intelligence
MS Teams

Track all your MS Team meetings using MeetRecord. Record & transcribe calls to find coaching opportunities and improve performance. 


Connect your deals to your meetings. Know when a customer was engaged and how your sales team performed during the demo call.

Zoho CRM

Connect your meetings with your contact within Zoho CRM. Analyze sales performance, find highlights of the call and give feedback to your sales team.


Integrate your callRail account to record all your sales calls, meetings and demos. Get insights through the voice of the customer and build actionable meeting summaries using AI.


Track all your calls, meetings, demos and other sales activities from within your Freshsales account. Connect meetings to deals using our Freshsales - MeetRecord integration.

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