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Benefits breakdown

Increased Earnings with Deal Intelligence
Time Savings on Repetitive Tasks
Onboarding Time Savings
Increased Manager Productivity Savings

Direct Benefits

Increased Earnings


MeetRecord recommends ways to unclog your deal pipeline accelerating your  deal-flow by about 7%

Direct Time Savings


Don't spend your time doing low-value tasks like note-taking, managing playlists and more

Faster Ramp Up


MeetRecord speeds new representative onboarding by 50%. Ramp up new sales member in 4 weeks vs 8 weeks.

Manager Productivity


No more listening to calls to score them and give feedback. Do it automatically saving at least 1 hour per sales rep/week

Unquantified Benefits

Increased Talent Retention

MeetRecord improves the overall work experience for sales representatives and managers, making it easierto reduce attrition and retain talent

Increased Visibility

Easy access to call recordings of both salesperson habits and customer feedback improved visibility


Enhanced data from calls with metrics, gave sales teams goals to quantifiably improve their performance

Prevent Mis-selling

Audit your customer conversations to check overselling or overpromising that could hamper customer retention.

Sales-Marketing Alignment

Get deep insights from customer conversation data, problems faced and need-gap analysis.

Work Flexibility

Onboard new team members remotely in the today's hybrid work environment.

Secure and ready for you

Enterprise grade security built into the platform that you and your team use. So that you can spend time on doing what you do best. Sell!
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What they say

After using the other competitive solutions out there we were thrilled with the value, customer support, and MeetRecord team’s commitment to client feedback-driven product updates. If you're looking for a sales coaching tool or post-demo analysis, you have to give MeetRecord a try!

Andrew V.

Head of Revenue, Hive

MeetRecord automatically places all of our meeting recordings into an easily searchable bucket which we use to make sure our processes are followed and to coach our team. I like their support team and how they work with us diligently to ensure the platform completely met our needs.

Daniel Tingle

Software Specialist, Gym Launch

We now get full insight with the analytics into what is happening on our sales calls. I'm starting to pinpoint keywords that are being used and figure out where our team is doing well. With this tool, I am coaching my team to coach themselves well!

Sam Nesbitt

VP Sales, Apprentice

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