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Sometimes, seeing is believing. Discover how revenue teams are accelerating deal flow with MeetRecord.
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Revenue teams at top brands trust MeetRecord

GymLaunch Shrinks Sales Cycle
by 31% with Call Insights

GymLaunch uses MeetRecord across sales, CS, and account management teams for 40+ members to ensure that every sales member talking to customers adheres to the process standards and keeps the timeline.
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Fintoc improved Discovery call to Demo conversion with AI Coaching

By doubling down on specific coaching and leveraging AI-driven insights, Fintoc has improved its conversion rates and enhanced its overall sales strategy. The ability to analyze and learn from each sales conversation has provided Fintoc with a competitive edge in the fintech market.

How Budibase did Sales Transformation with better Team Collaboration

By leveraging MeetRecord's capabilities, Budibase has enhanced its sales strategies and fostered a more collaborative and efficient work environment.
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Hive Speeds up Implementation Time by 41% with Improved Collaboration

Hive’s 23 revenue-team members use MeetRecord to keep track of their conversations with customers and use the data for the smooth handover of accounts between sales and CS teams.

Coverflex Boosts Prospect Engagement by 35% with Call Reviews

Coverflex, a compensation management solution for businesses, uses MeetRecord for its sales team. Specifically to keep track of customer calls and to reviews & improve on-call performance of their team using coaching programs and AI.
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Dashboard mockup

Omneky Accelerates Ramp up Time
by 2X with Automated Coaching

Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to personalize advertising creatives across all digital channels. Omneky CS team uses MeetRecord to track and analyze their onboarding and adoption calls.

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