15 memes every CSM is reading today

" Humour is the sunshine of the mind", that is how we know all CSMs are lit 🔥

We know how stressful your work can get. Whether it is to retain that customer or to upsell to them, you do all of it with a calming smile on your face. At the end of the day you need some relaxing time as well.

So here are some hilarious memes we created to bring a smile to all the CS professionals out there. This one’s for you!

  1. The one when CSM felt abandoned

  1. Then one when CSM won the debate

  1. The one with the new crush

  1. The one which went for too long

  1. The one where CSM misheard

  1. The one with the identity crisis

  1. The one where life felt meaningless

  1. The one with red pill and the red pill

  1. The one where everybody won

10. The one when system was down but morales were not

  1. The one where CSM rose to the occasion

  1. The one where all roads lead to, eventually

  1. The ONE and the only truth

  1. The one where CSM spoke too soon

  1. The one that is needed

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