9 Hubspot apps to supercharge you sales team

Keeping track of our company’s sales is an essential part of business that allow us to guage our growth. Luckily, you use  Hubspot to assist you with this. There are many app that ease your work and help you be more productive or



MeetRecord allows sales teams to collect data from video calls, implement coaching in real-world scenarios, and shorten deal closing time. 

About the App

In this day and age, most meetings are done online. This gives the sales team an opportunity to create a more targeted and tailored approach for their clients. However, recording meetings and generating analytics manually can be time consuming. This is where MeetRecord can help.

MeetRecord is an app specifically designed to solve the pain points mentioned above. It helps the sales team accelerate the sales process and improve coaching. At the same time, it identifies churn and makes collaboration with the marketing and product teams easier.

Salient Features of the App

The noteworthy features of this app include:

●  Organize and archive meeting recordings

●  Securely share recording

●  Generate meeting highlights in minutes

●  Track keyword mentions, competitor mentions, and product features

●  Analyze engagement score, speaking skills, and talk-listen ratio

●  Track meeting performance and assign relevant courses

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

MeetRecord enables sales time to capture and analyze interaction to determine which aspects of a company’s sales process can be improved and what are the best practices of top performers that should be replicated. .

This app also allows the sales team to understand clients better using data. With this data, companies can develop a tailored selling approach that resonates with the company’s buyer persona.

Hubspot Integration Feature

This app integrates with Hubspot CRM.

Starting Price 

MeetRecod has a free subscription for individuals and small teams who do under 50 meetings in a month. For growing teams, they offer a $19 monthly subscription with extended features and for medium to large teams, there’s a $29 monthly subscription with no limit on the number of meetings.

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Qwilr makes creating, sending, and tracking proposals and quotes more convenient.

About the App 

Qwilr instantly generates personalized proposals based on your CRM data from other systems. The content it creates transforms plain boring quotes and proposals into powerful and interactive web pages that look good on any internet-based devices. 

Salient Features of the App 

●  Document Management

●  Customizable Branding

●  Automated Quoting

●  Accounting Integration

●  Access Controls/ Permissions

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Sending proposals and quotes is a crucial part of nurturing leads. The problem is that when you send out plenty of these, keeping track of them can be quite challenging.

However, with the use of Qwilr, you can create, send, and track proposals and quotes within the Hubspot ecosystem. This allows your sales team to have a more convenient and easy way of managing these things.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

You can automatically personalize the document content from Qwiler with data imported from Hubspot. It has an autofill feature that inputs the client information based on your hubspot records. This enables you to generate quotes and proposals with accurate information in just several minutes.

Starting Price

Qwiler has two subscription options; business and enterprise. The monthly cost of the business plan is $35. It includes features such as web proposal builder, dynamic pricing table, e-signature and payments, Hubspot CRM, and Proposal analytics.

Meanwhile, the enterprise subscription cost $59. It includes everything that’s on the business subscription plus features such as salesforce integration, account manager, custom domain, and team permission.

You can avail of a free trial for the business subscription to test whether the solution fits your needs before fully committing to it.

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Orgchart Hub

Orgchart makes it possible for you to create and customize organizational charts without needing to leave HubSpot CRM.

About the App

Orgchart Hub is an organizational chart creation tool, allowing your team to easily visualize the key stakeholder of a company and close more deals.

Salient Features of the App

●  Account Mapping

●  Activity HEatmaps

●  Buying Roles

●  Deal Activity

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Closing B2B deals requires getting all the decision-makers of the company to sign into the deal. Having a detailed organizational chart allows sales teams to visualize who are the people that they need to nurture in order to close deals. This is something that Orgchart Hub can offer you.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

You can use Orgchart Hub from any contact or company using the side-panel in your HubSpot CRM dashboard. Everyone on your team can access it as well without any extra logins needed.

Starting Price

These are the subscription option for Orgchart Hub:

●  Free

●  Basic 50 - $65/ month

●  Pro 100 - $105/ month

●  Pro 250 - $158/ month

●  Pro 500 - $196/ month

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Spinify is a workplace productivity app that helps boost employee engagement and motivation.

About the App

Spinify is an app that helps increase workplace productivity and employee engagement by implementing a leaderboard approach. It infuses gamification and motivation psychology in empowering employees to deliver the best possible results.

Salient Features of the App

●  Activity Dashboard

●  Awards management

●  Badge Management

●  Benchmarking

●  Alerts/ notifications

●  Custom templates

 How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

 Spinify will help enhance your sales team by giving recognition and appreciation to those who are performing well. It also motivates other employees to improve with the help of friendly competition. You can also use this app as a way to track your sales team’s KPIs.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

You can create competitions and achievements using data from HubSpot deals. When deals are updated in your HubSpot database, the leaderboard score and achievements are updated.

Starting Price

Spinify has two subscription options; basic and pro. The basic subscription cost $240 per year while the pro version cost $360 yearly.

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Postal is an offline lead generation solution that can help improve customer retention and increase sales.

About the App

Postal.io is an integrated direct email platform designed for sales and marketing teams. It allows you to leverage machine learning technology to optimize and automate the creation, delivery, and notification of physical assets involved in the sales process. 

Salient Features of the App

●  Deliver automated and integrated campaigns

●  Create, design, and send brochures, postcards, and notes in just a few minutes

●  Direct mail or send gifts to prospects and clients

●  Automate sending gifts by adding action in a new or already existing workflow

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Sales team must build and maintain a positive rapport with prospects and clients. One of the best ways of doing that is by giving physical gifts or samples. With the use of Postal.io, sending physical gifts to clients is made easy and convenient.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

Postal.io can be used without going out of your HubSpot dashboard. You can customize the design of the items that you want to send in just a few minutes.

Starting Price

The pricing options that Postal.io offers depends on the type of items that you want to send and where you want to send it. But, their prices usually start at $0.01.

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Proposify offers you a smarter and more convenient way of closing deals.

About the App

Proposify is a proposal customization app that lets you create, edit, send, and track proposals along with other sales-related documents without needing to leave your CRM dashboard. You can also utilize the latest information from your CRM without any complicated actions.

Salient Features of the App

●  Content and brand management

●  Design editor

●  Roles and Permissions

●  Metrics

●  Notification

●  Electronic Signatures

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Prosposify can help your sales team close deals faster and improve productivity. This is possible because prosofiy makes it convenient for you to link proposals with deals. At the same time, it gets you the information you need with just a few clicks of a button.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

Prosposify lets you create, send, sign, and track sales-related documents without leaving your HubsSpot dashboard.

Starting Price

Prosposify offers two subscription options; team and business. You can avail of the team subscription for $41 and get unlimited documents, templates, electronic signatures, interactive quoting, and notification and metrics. Meanwhile, the business subscription cost $590 and it has all the features of the team plan with advanced tools.

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Outplay is an appointment setting platform that enables you to increase the efficiency and booked appointments of your sales team.

About the App

Outplay makes it easy for you to connect with prospects through calls, SMS, emails, and voicemails. This makes appointment setting programs easy to manage and be more organized.

Salient Features of the App

●  Auto import prospects from CRM

●  Auto enroll prospects

●  Auto-syn

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Appointment setting companies through cold calling and cold emailing can be difficult to track. With Outplay, it will be much easier to see the status of each campaign because it's all in one platform. 

Hubspot Integration Feature?

Outplay can make use of HubSpot CRM information when reaching out to prospects through phone calls and emails. You can also use it to do a bi-directional sync to make your data consistent across different platforms.

Starting Price

Outplay has a single subscription option that allows you access to all its advanced features. It cost $75 monthly but you avail it for free for a 14-day trial.

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Demodesks make sales meetings more convenient to schedule and track.

About the App

Demodesk is a customer meeting platform for the sales team. Its primary purpose is to automate non-selling tasks, engage customers through meetings, and analyze insights collected.

Salient Features of the App 

●  Auto meeting update

●  Create new leads automatically

●  Auto dialer

●  Document management

●  File Sharing

●  Access Controls and permissions

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Demodesk can make your sales meeting workflow more efficient and convenient. It allows you to sync your meetings, attendees, and notes automatically.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

You can schedule sales meetings within your HubSpot sidebar. The relevant information from the CRM will also be included.

Starting Price

Demodesks pro subscription is $39 monthly while the business subscription costs $59 monthly. The main difference between the two is that the business subscription has additional features such as developer API, CRM logging, in-meeting note taking, and many more. 

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WeeklyUpdate allows you to gather short status updates from your sales team in a more convenient and efficient way.

About the App

WeeklyUpdate allows you to have a better idea of your sales team’s progress. At the same time, it provides you insight regarding the potential pain points of your employees through better communication.

Salient Features of the App 

●  Customizable questions

●  Customizable reminders

●  Automatic reminders

●  Update as email text or PDFs 

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team? 

WeeklyUpdate can help tracking the progress of your sales team more conveniently and improve team communication. It enables you to understand each of their pain points on an individual level.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

WeeklyUpdate has a Hubspot integration feature that allows you to track the progress of each employees within the HubSpot dashboard.

Starting Price 

You can avail of Weekly Updates free subscription that caters to 1 team with 4 employees. If you have more members, you can choose between the growing team plan or large teams plan.

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ChatWerk is an all-in-one chat app for Telegram, Instagram, Google Business Messages, and Facebook Messenger.

About the App 

ChatWerk is an app that enables users to connect with customers, share information, and collect reviews conveniently, regardless of the preferred communication channel of the client.

Salient Features of the App 

●  Messaging/chat

●  Access controls

●  Multi-user collaboration

●  Multi-channel communication

●  SSL security

●  File sharing

How Will this App Help Enhance Your Sales Team?

Chatwerk allows your team to connect with clients in a way where they feel cared and heard. This is possible with the features and integrations that Chatwerk has to offer.

Hubspot Integration Feature?

Communicating with clients on different platforms is made easier because you can use Chatwerk in your Hubspot dashboard.

Starting Price

The subscription cost of Chatwerk ranges from $32.42 to $83.83 monthly.

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