Introducing, Deal Intelligence

September 21, 2023

Your sales team is inundated with crazy number of deals day in a day out. However they are resource-crunched! The team needs a way to gather this huge data, analyze it and prioritize this information on potential deals.

What you need is Deal Intelligence!

Deal intelligence can be used to identify and prioritize the best opportunities, understand the prospect's needs, and tailor your sales pitch accordingly. It can also help you close deals faster and increase your win rate.

To help you gather Data Intelligence in real-time, MeetRecord has released a bunch of interesting features. What’s interesting is MeetRecord supercharges CRM data with Call insights to make the analysis ever more powerful.

Deal Health Score

Deal Heath is calculated by computing the weighted sum of all over 75 CRM, email and call parameters and anecdotes detected in the deal. 

Each Anecdote is a  tested rule that leads to a defined status like positive, negative, or cold. Anecdotes are defined based on hundreds of scenarios where the deal is won, lost, or stuck. Their weights assignment dynamically updates the health score of a deal. 

As a deal moves up a stage, the health score and weights are re-computed.  A range of 70+ shows the deal is healthy and has a good potential to be won whereas a score of 40 - 70 leads to a neutral ground where the deal has equal chances of winning or losing. Finally scores below 40 lead to a negative impact. 

Deal Activity

This shows activities like meetings, emails and calls by your team or your prospect on a single timeline over the period of previous 14 days.

More bubbles mean higher activity which in turn implies that the deal could be on track. Less number of bubbles or white-space indicates their is lower interest from the prospect’s side.

Deal Health Timeline

As the deal moves forward the health is updated after each call. Deal Health's timeline shows the trajectory of how Deal Health has changed over calls. This helps you to monitor each call that led to the downfall or made the deal go up to the next CRM stage. 

Deal Summary

Deal summary gives a quick overview of the activities in a deal. No more scanning through all the meeting notes, email conversations and call data. 

You can understand various aspects of deals like Customer pain-points, current status, use-cases, call performance, Customer objections and evaluation timeline.

If you are a manager of a team or a member who has recently joined, this would bring you up to speed with the latest happenings in the deals.

And there is more in the pipeline. Let us know what features you want us to add next!

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