Launching Streams - Your radio station of team's calls

Streams are radio stations of your team’s calls. 

Elaborating, it is an automated, up-to-date, and filtered playlist of calls and snippets.

What’s wrong with existing playlists

The existing playlists (or coaching folders) have to be manually curated and updated. Doing it every week or month is a repetitive and strenuous task. Eventually, such tasks end up getting ignored - which leads to outdated and irrelevant playlists.

That’s why Streams.

Streams are automated and always up-to-date. On the backend, the stream filters your calls with the given criteria and presents you with the relevant recordings. Also, you can also listen to the important conversations which satisfy the filter criteria.

How to create a Stream?

  1. Go to the Streams Page

  1. Enter the name and add the required filters. For eg, in the below image, the filter is set to calls with scores of more than 4.

  1. Go back to the streams page to view all your streams and click on the relevant stream to view it.


Can I use both coaching folders (playlists) and Streams?

Yes, Stream is a completely new feature in addition to the existing ones. You can continue to use the existing features along with Streams.

Is it available in the standard plan?

Yes, Streams is available for all plans.

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