7 Salesloft alternatives for Conversation Intelligence and Sales Engagement

June 1, 2024

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About Salesloft

 - Salesloft pricing in 2013

  - Salesloft pricing in 2014

Salesloft offerings in 2022

   - Salesloft product comparison

   - Salesloft pricing in 2022

Top reasons to look for Salesloft alternatives

Salesloft alternatives

   - Top 4 Salesloft alternatives for sales engagement

   - Top 3 Salesloft alternatives for covnversation intelligence


About Salesloft

Let's go back a little and see how Salesloft evolved to be the tool that it is today. Salesloft started in 2011 as a sales intelligence tool enabling companies to track the prospects. It was tracking news, blogs, jobs, linkedin and other sources to track prospects. Any update here was set out a trigger and alerted customers.

By 2013 Salesloft was giving further information of prospects. Details like email, phone number, designation were available to import.

2014 was a pivotal point for Salesloft, it moved from Sales intelligence to Sales enablement. It introduced product "Cadence" which offered email tracking and use of email templates.

Since then Salesloft has been adding more products to it offering. It now offers the entire suite of products useful for prospecting, deal closure and support.

Salesloft history - 2011 to 2022
Salesloft evolution from Sales intelligence tool

Salesloft pricing in 2013

Salesloft had 3 tier pricing in 2013 starting $99 per month going up to $999 per month

Salesloft pricing in 2013

Salesloft pricing in 2014

Salesloft introduced two products in 2014, Cadence and Prospect. Where Prospector was priced $325 - $1300 per month, Cadence starting price was $50/month

2014 Salesloft introduced Cadence package

2014 Salesloft pricing of Prospector package

Salesloft offering in 2022

Salesloft have around 14 products which are packed by usage into 3 groups - Prospect, Sell, Engage and Enterprise.

  • Prospect - To generate pipeline, used by teams focused on generating leads
  • Sell - To close deals and coach teams, used by teams focused closing the opportunities
  • Engage - To drive adoption, expansion, and renewals. It is built for teams focused on improving the post-sale experience
  • Enterprise - Includes everything

80% customers buy Salesloft for Sales engagement capabilities

Salesloft product comparison

As the table belo suggests that there are 6 common offering across the products namely Sales email, Calendering, Mobile app, CRM sync, Integrations, Security and Governance. The key difference between products is around Conversations, Deals, Automation, Dialer and Messenger.

  Prospect Sell Engage Enterprise
Sales Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendaring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
CRM Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security + Governance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cadence Yes Yes (Limited) Yes Yes
Automation Yes - Yes Yes
Dialer  Yes - - Yes
Messenger Yes - - Yes
Conversations - Yes Yes Yes
Deals - Yes - Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes

Salesloft Pricing in 2022

Salesloft does not reveal the exact pricing on its website. Salesloft does a custom pricing basis on the number of licenses required and the packages implemented. In few package there are minimum seating requirement.

Onboarding fees:

One-time onboarding fee of $3000-$3500

Subscription fees:

Salesloft Prospect package is priced $60 - $100 per user per month

Salesloft Sell package is priced $80 - $120 per user per month

Salesloft Enage package is priced $80-$100 per user per month

Salesloft Enterprise package is priced $120 -  $165 per user per month.

Top reasons to look for Salesloft alternatives

1. Rigid structure

Salesloft is nimble is creating a combination of package for a customer. But as it offers so many functionalities it does not have option to customise any feature you would need.

2. Clunky

Salesloft positions itself as all-in-one platform for all size of companies, be it a single user or an enterprise. It try to capture the entire customer journey through their three package offering. In an attempt to do everything it misses out on finer details which hamper user experience. Many customer complaint about overall usability of the product and suggest that it has a steep learning curve. Others have faced issues when integrating to other softwares like Outlook Calendar, Saleforce, Zoom.

3. Poor Support

Salesloft customer support is not the best out there. Many customer complaint of not having a dedicated support person. One has to repeat the same issue to multiple person rather than dealing with single person. Few customer complaint about onboarding to be good but support and training after that is not that great. There have been instances where a support ticket wasn't resolved for six months.

Salesloft alternatives

Salesloft alternatives
Salesloft competitors

Top 4 Salesloft alternatives for sales engagement

Sales engagement tool help you do prospecting better. Create cadences, send email, use dialer to make local and international calls. Salesloft competes with tools like:

  1. Hubspot Saleshub
  1. Mixmax
  1. Outreach
  1. Apollo.io

Top 3 Salesloft alternatives for Conversation intelligence

Salesloft v/s MeetRecord

About MeetRecord

MeetRecord is a meeting intelligence tool for customer facing teams. It helps capturing intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster. Top reason why companies choose MeetRecord:

Easy to use: MeetRecord is built for growing sales team. All of our customers are able to get started without much support. Tool is designed keeping busy sales rep in mind. Learning curve of the tool is super short, you can just connect with your favourite tools and get started.

Great support: MeetRecord is 5 star rated for support on G2. We work with you to understand your needs and ensure you get best out of MeetRecord.

Best in class Sales coaching: For most of our customers this is the most valued and most used offering. Sales leaders like to know what is happening in the customer calls and how they can make it better. MeetRecord goes beyond call record and transcription, it helps you find winning patterns and enable you to replicate it across team. You can listen to calls, rate a team member, give feedback on exact point and track their performance.

How does Salesloft compare to MeetRecord?

  • MeetRecord’s per-user price is 40-60% lower than Salesloft's packages for the same quality of features.
  • With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, MeetRecord promises round-the-clock support, with a dedicated support manager, throughout the engagement.
  • MeetRecord is more flexible to accommodate customizations that are necessary to get the work done.
  • MeetRecord is built for sales teams to close deals faster. In future MeetRecord will keep going deeper on these capabilities.
  • Salesloft positions itself as an all-in-one platform, it is suited for companies looking for

How much does it cost?

Salesloft v/s Gong

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence platform for the sales team that can transform conversations into data and insights.

How does Gong.ai compare to Salesloft?

  • While Salesloft aligns more with all-in-one platform for entire customer cycle, Gong.io is a revenue intelligence tool.
  • If you go deeper, Salesloft touches conversation intelligence on surface only, whereas Gong focuses more on actionable intelligence on people and deals  with better CRM integration.
  • Both are complex built with a sharp focus on the enterprise target.

How much does it cost?

Starting cost for Gong.io i is around $5000 base price + $1200 per user/year.

Salesloft v/s Chorus

Zoominfo company Chorus.ai has been one of the top companies in the Conversational Intelligence market over the last 5 years. Its defining features are the detailed transcribing and intelligence platform. In execution, it has to be said that Chorus.ai has done a great job of consistently finding new ways to derive deal intelligence from conversational data.

How does it compare to Chorus.ai?

  • Salesloft is not one of the like-to-like Chorus.ai alternatives, since conversational and revenue intelligence is not their core focus.
  • However, if you are looking for a tool that does everything from sales enablement to sales coaching, then Salesloft is a good option.
  • SalesLoft is the complete sales enablement platform for revenue teams to execute, coach, and gain insight throughout the deal cycle, at every stage. Orchestrate every email, call, meeting, and customer interaction. Automatically track and log your tasks, activities, and engagement data to your CRM. Let your teams focus on selling, your managers on coaching, and your operations and leaders on strategy.

How much does it cost?

  • Chorus costs base price + $100-$200 per user/month.


A) If you want to have a specialised tool for conversation intelligence, but want a lower price

  • MeetRecord is an choices if you want to get a high quality conversation intelligence tool but want the features at a more affordable price.
  • MeetRecord offer robust features around people and deal intelligence.
  • It has a free plan with upto 50 meeting per month and paid plan starting $19 per month

B) If ease of use is important, and you need to get started faster

  • Best alternatives to get started faster is MeetRecord.
  • With a blazing fast starting time and super-responsive service, you’ll be able to get started on your project within a period of 1 or 2 days.

C) If you are a startup or small and medium business company

  • Call intelligence and Sales coaching is essential for sales team of this size, MeetRecord is great fit for you.
  • MeetRecord's sales coaching offering is best in the segment

D) If you need an enterprise-grade conversation intelligence solution

  • Gong and Chorus.ai are the best solutions
  • Having raised more than $50mm, Gong.io and Chorus.ai have customers like Zoom, Hubspot, Linkedin,

MeetRecord – The best conversation intelligence platform

When comparing the features and more importantly, the pricing, MeetRecord stands as the clear winner as the best meeting intelligence platform out there while exploring Salesloft alternatives. While Gong and Chorus may have more features, they also cost over thousands of dollars and come with numerous features that you might not even use.

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