Track keyword mentions for online meetings

May 18, 2024

We all are doing a crazy number of online meetings over Zoom, teams, and Meet.

But, can you remember what were you ideating on in your 3rd call with your team this month?

You might say ‘I note important points in our minutes or CRM’ but they primarily capture conclusions. What about the context? What about structured information? For instance, can you use your minutes to find how many times a particular product feature propped up last week?

Imagine if you could set a particular product feature as a keyword in some tool and then track it over a period.

Keywords help to structure your conversation data. Structured data like excel can provide you with tonnes of insights.

They are the core of conversation intelligence.

What are the top use-cases of tracking keywords?

Competitor Intelligence

Let’s imagine you are a Sales Head of a company. Potential customers in their consideration (or trial) stage assess multiple products at once. Their teams are constantly looking at the latest players, features, and trends in the market. Most of them often bring this up in your sales or customer success calls.

In today’s competitive environment, you want to act before you lose customers or a chunk of market share.

Tracking keywords can help your answer - ‘How many times and which customers are referring to a particular customer?’, ‘Why are the customers mentioning new competitor – new pricing or feature or some marketing campaign?’

Product planning

Product analytics solutions like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc. are excellent tools to understand the adoption of product features by your customers.

But, what about the prioritization of new features or integrations? Customers in CS meetings like onboarding, and QBRs mention features that can become overwhelming for the CS managers. They might even miss capturing them.

Tracking features mentioned during the online calls can help you prioritize them better. This will help build a customer-facing product roadmap – something that will delight your customers!

Product Pricing

Pricing is often complicated. The challenging part is lagging indicators dictate pricing iterations, meaning, one changes the prices and waits… observes how customers are reacting, churning, etc. This stretches into a long-drawn process.

But customers discuss pricing all the time in their calls. You can use keyword tracking to track these mentions.

Check if they need a free trial? Or if they are referencing a pricing plan too often. Maybe that plan needs some attention.

Market intelligence

Are there any phrases that your customers mention a lot? This could highlight a new pain point or persona trait that can help your marketing department.

They say that one should mirror your customer – talk the way your customer talks. Repetitive keywords can open new opportunities for you and your marketing teams.

How to implement keyword mentions tracking on calls?

Meeting intelligence tools like Gong, and MeetRecord can enable this quickly. All you need to do is enter the keywords you want to track, and the tools do the rest. You can track keywords mentioned for a call or over multiple calls over a period.

Keep in mind to update keywords regularly so you have the latest insights. This depends on your product/market iteration cycle. If this is confusing, you can check them once a month.

Tracking keywords mentions can have further multiple use-cases depending on the domain you are in, for instance, recruiters could track the keyword ‘notice period’ to check how many interviewing candidates have an offer at hand. Or project manager could use them to track tickets on Jira or Asana.

In what other ways, do you think tracking keywords can help in accelerating your business? Curious to learn more!

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