Voice of Customer: Implement VoC with meeting intelligence

July 26, 2022

Over the past decade, employees spent a major part of their workweeks, 55% or more,  carrying out collaborative work online - email, IM, and phone/video calls. The pandemic caused this figure to take another sharp upward tick, with people spending more time every week in shorter, more fragmented meetings.

80% of customer interactions are now digital, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

However, at the same time, the B2B customers’ online behavior is evolving constantly. As more and more work moves online, customer facetime is becoming more scarce and limited than ever.

As a result, the shift to online meetings has become a double-edged sword. In simple terms, we need to realize that every minute of the customer is even more precious and critical.

Every minute counts in customer interactions!

Why is VoC important?

Companies that create amazing customer-centric experiences win!

In this quick-paced and dynamic world, problems and therefore solutions are constantly evolving.  To create a human-centered customer experience for customers, businesses need to hear and act on customer feedback—also referred to as voice-of-the-customer(VoC) data.

Without VoC, no business can survive for too long. In fact, 81% of customers say they are willing to leave feedback if they knew that they would get a fast response.

VoC insights help to :

  • Unravel business process inefficiencies
  • Build customer trust
  • Highlight “At Risk” customers
  • Find signals to unlock additional revenue

Which in turn affects the top KPIs

- Reduce churn

- Increase retention

- Find upsell opportunities

How to implement VoC?

Voice of the Customer (VoC) has been a nut technology businesses have tried to crack with varying degrees of success. With customer interactions/meetings moving online and customer-facing teams being completely remote, capturing the voice of customer data has become more challenging than ever before.

Despite difficulties in uncovering it, the act of gathering VoC has always been a necessary endeavor to capture rich customer insights that guide important business changes.

There are 4 steps involved in implementing VoC end-to-end:

1. Capture VoC

Most companies have some form of capture mechanism in place, whether that’s an annual satisfaction score, a more in-depth, point-in-time survey, or a Customer Advisory Board.

But we tend to forget the importance of looking across the customer journey via the prism of various interactions and pinpointing opportune moments to not only capture feedback but also curate the next steps.

Meeting intelligence helps capture important keywords and moments from your Customer Success calls so that you can focus on your conversation.

2. A centralized place to store VoC

While you can collect customer feedback across numerous channels, tools, and teams – if all that feedback isn’t hosted in one centralized place, it can be difficult to put all the pieces together.

But for customer feedback to serve as the foundation for that growth, you need to have a structured way of managing and prioritizing customer feedback in place.

3. Share VoC with stakeholders

By having a designated place for all customer feedback businesses can be rest assured that nothing falls through the cracks there is a collaboration between sales, customer success, and product teams.

As per ClientSuccess’ State of Customer Success Report 2021, the Customer Success team’s interaction with product teams is 25% more than sales teams.

Meeting intelligence platforms are one of the most if not the most effective way to not just collect feedback but also share it with all internal stakeholders.

4. Integrate VoC with Business Processes

After talking to multiple customer success leaders and executives globally we learned that the biggest challenge is how to integrate and incorporate what you learn from your customers.

Identifying and tracking top VoC queries over time accelerates intelligence gathering and gives every part of your organization direct access to your customer's voice to drive data-driven thinking.

How are you implementing VoC at your company? Do send your feedback and opinion to support@meetrecord.com

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