Gong Vs Avoma, Which conversation intelligence tool should you pick?

If you’re looking to help your sales teams become more productive and successful, you have heard of conversation intelligence tools like Gong and Avoma. They have transformed how customer-facing teams do business today by improving performance and helping close more deals. 

Gong, of course, is a pioneer in this space, and had a huge role to play in mainstreaming  revenue intelligence, deal intelligence, and people intelligence.

Avoma, on the other hand, is a fast-emerging Gong alternative for mid-market and SMBs.

But how exactly does it compare to Gong? 

We’ve put together a detailed Avoma vs Gong comparison that covers features, pricing, and customer reviews, so you can understand 

  • Aspects to consider if Avoma is the right Gong alternative for you
  • Product functionalities of both Gong and Avoma
  • How Gong and Avoma are different

Gong vs Avoma: 3 things to consider when making a useful comparison

1. Functionality

  • Which core functionalities (deal intelligence, revenue intelligence, people intelligence) do you actually need? 
  • Are these features and functionalities available as applicable in your use case?
  • Do you have the flexibility and customizability needed for the above?

2. Pricing

  • Is the pricing flexible and transparent?
  • Do you have access to a trial or free plan? 
  • Is there a minimum platform fee or base price?

3. Ease of use

  • How easy is the tool to set up and implement?
  • Do you need a dedicated admin/manager to manage/train users?
  • Is it future-proof? Will you be able to scale up or down or customize it to your use case?

In the rest of this Gong vs Avoma comparison, we take a critical look through these lenses to help you make an informed decision.

Looking to compare more alternatives here is a guide for you 👇

Avoma vs Gong: Feature, Functionality, and Pricing Comparison

Let’s take a look at the key conversation intelligence, coaching, and collaboration features that Gong and Avoma offer, and the differences in their approach and functionality.

1. Meeting intelligence (recording, transcription, note-taking)

Both Avoma and Gong offer call recording functionalities and use AI for transcription and integrate with major web conferencing providers to record, transcribe, and analyze calls.

One notable mention is Avoma’s collaborative note-taking that allows multiple users to edit or make notes on a call via its inbuilt editor.

2. Meeting management/efficiency

To ensure that sales teams are not bogged down by repetitive tasks like tracking action items and CRM entry, both Gong and Avoma offer automated CRM entry.

However, when it comes to managing meetings themselves, Avoma has a clear focus on meeting assistance and helping sales reps with their entire meeting lifecycle workflow, as shown below.

Source - Avoma Website

This makes it equally useful for sales reps, not just sales leaders/managers, whom Gong focuses on.

(Gong’s focus on sales leadership)-Source- Gong website

3. Conversation intelligence

Both Gong and Avoma help sales managers and sales reps surface insights on Market Intelligence (by identifying competitor mentions, feature requests, etc.) as well as sales conversational skills (tracking talk time, questions asked, monologue durations, etc.)

4. Sales coaching

This is an area that Gong has a clear edge in, given its extensive focus on deal intelligence and people intelligence.

Source- Gong Website

5. Revenue intelligence 

Gong has a clear advantage here with its pipeline management and forecast intelligence. 

Avoma is limited to deal intelligence and pipeline visibility but lacks the capability to notify or forecast potential risks. 

Source - Avoma Website

6. Email Intelligence:

Gong offers both email engagement and insights while Avoma offers email engagement tracking, minus insight analysis.

7. Adoption and ease of use

Avoma’s UI is built for easy adoption by multiple teams, and this makes it easy to get started with. There’s a learning curve associated with Gong given the overwhelming revenue intelligence capabilities it is designed for. This also means that most small companies and SMBs have little use for these advanced functionalities designed for sales leaders, posing a challenge to adoption.

Gong vs Avoma: Pricing Comparison

We looked at three aspects to compare Gong and Avoma’s pricing approaches. 

  • Transparency: Avoma offers transparent pricing while there’s no explicit mention of pricing on the Gong website. You need to opt for a sales call and go through multiple qualification calls and meetings before you uncover the pricing offered to you.

Gong’s pricing approach

  • Flexibility: Avoma offers flexibility in pricing by offering different licenses for different members based on the functionality they need. 
  • Platform fee and minimum seat mandate: Gong comes with a platform fee required every year.
Excerpt from Gong’s pricing page

Excerpt from Avoma’s pricing page

Gong vs Avoma: Who is it for? Target Audience

Gong has a clear focus on revenue leaders in enterprise companies while Avoma, with its pricing and usage options, caters to SMBs and mid-market organizations (more on this in our pricing section).

To understand this, let’s start with a look at how these two platforms position themselves. 

Gong’s home page

Avoma’s home page

It’s hard to miss Gong’s clear focus on sales teams. 

Avoma, on the other hand, keeps its focus on helping teams get the most out of meetings – making it applicable for Sales, CS, Product, and even internal meetings.

This means that while it has a strong use case for sales coaching, rep onboarding, and revenue intelligence — it is also suitable for small but fast-growing organizations with needs across other functions.

Let’s take another look at the customer logos to get a sense of their target audiences.

Gong’s customers

Avoma’s customer logos

Gong has a clear focus on revenue leaders in enterprise companies while Avoma, with its pricing and usage options, caters to SMBs and mid-market organizations, as is evident in its more affordable pricing.

Avoma vs Gong: Customer and User Reviews 

To further understand which might be better for you, it makes sense to look at what their customers are saying about Gong and Avoma. 

Here’s a G2 summary of Gong vs Avoma user reviews. 

Source- G2 Crowd


The number of Gong user reviews clearly highlights Gong’s market dominance, but a detailed look at reviews shows a few issues that users, especially those from SMBs and mid-market enterprises, face.

Also check out our detailed analysis of Gong reviews for you to check out: 300 latest Gong G2 review analyzed 

We also looked at Avoma vs Gong reviews on TrustRadius.

Avoma vs Gong user reviews from TrustRadius

Gong’s reviews on TrustRadius have specific mentions of Gong’s UI being clunky and hard to use. It’s easy to imagine why – too many enterprise-focused features, or even just too many complex features can leave users overwhelmed – especially those from startups or small businesses.

Over to You

We hope this comparison has helped you decide if Avoma is the right Gong alternative for your business. 

Here are our two cents: Avoma offers most of Gong’s conversational intelligence features and packages it for mid-market companies. While it falls short on revenue intelligence and usage from a sales leader’s point of view, it is a great tool for sales reps and offers far more scope for usage in non-sales scenarios.

The only drawback is the annual commitment it needs. Even if you pick monthly billing, your payment commitment needs to be on an annual basis. This is something MeetRecord works around. 

MeetRecord, a Gong or Avoma alternative specially designed for SMBs and startups.


Like Avoma, it provides all of Gong’s conversation intelligence features and

  • surfaces revenue and customer insights for sales teams 
  • provides visibility into every sales conversation
  • implements coaching programs backed by contextual data

Additionally, it offers flexible pricing models – even a monthly payment option. You can get started with a free plan, and switch to paid plans starting at $19/rep/month. 

Talk to us to learn how you can make the most of Gong and Avoma’s best offerings for your business.

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