Introducing MeetRecord's AI Coaching Assistant

Your Call scoring and Coaching workflow is broken.

Listening to all the conversations and scoring them is an excruciating and long-drawn process. It is difficult to standardize scores given by different managers at different times. This results in outdated scores and futile coaching.

That’s why we built the AI Coaching Assistant.

By marrying AI-powered insights from your successful customer conversations with business objectives, MeetRecord helps you maintain an up-to-date coaching program and implement call scoring in real-time.

Personalized Coaching Initiatives

MeetRecord uses conversation insights from your best calls to design Coaching Initiative after every 50 calls by the team.

Result: Your coaching initiative always stays updated and personalized for the team.

Automated Call Scoring

MeetRecord's AI analyzes your calls to rate every scorecard and provide specific feedback for every point in the Coaching Initiative. This takes any bias out of the picture.

Result: Always stay ahead in monitoring your team performance and save crazy amount of time.


You can start automating your sales coaching now. To learn how your team can get started with the AI Coaching Assistant, you can schedule a time to chat with our team.

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