MeetRecord on G2 Grid

We build MeetRecord to help revenue teams have the access , visibility and insights that they can use to improve how they engage with customers.

In the past year, we built AI Coaching, an AI driven coaching and feedback feature that rates your team's calls based on predefined criteria and then gives feedback on how to improve them.

Insights IQ, a Meeting AI that helps your team review their calls, summarize them, extract highlights, find insights and then write follow ups ; so that your team can spend their time on work that actually add revenue instead of admin tasks.

This year, from all the love (and reviews) that we got from our customers we are on the G2 Grid.

and have ranked in 5 different categories including ease of use and setup.

Here are a few of the reviews we got on G2 from you,

Thank you for all the love you have shown us.

If you love our product and haven't left us a review yet we would be honoured if you could do this on G2.

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