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September 29, 2023

You are here to see if or can do the job you want them to do. You want to record your calls, transcribe themand keep a track of what your team is up to. Is that it? Or you want to get something more? Check out how these two are similar and how they compare to MeetRecord.

Table of content:

  1. ⚖ vs vs  
  1. What is
  1. What is
  1. What is MeetRecord?
  1. What is common between, and
  1. What is the difference between, and
  1. Which tool you should go for?

MeetRecord- high ROI alternative to and

⚖ vs  vs  

⭐️ Positioning Transcription tool AI Assistant Meeting intelligence
🧑‍💻 Customers Individuals, freelancers, Students All teams of small businesses Sales team and Customer Success teams of businesses
🧑‍💻 Key use case Transcription of meetings and voice notes Record keeping of external and internal meetings Deal intelligence, Sales coaching and collaboration
🤖 Assistant/notetaker joining meetings Business plan only All plans All plans
📖 Transcription
👥 Team Collaboration
#️⃣ Keyword tracking
📅 Calendar integration
🔉 Audio playback of meetings
📷 Video playback of meetings - -
🗄 CRM integration -
🔣 Analytics - Only in business plan


Available from Grow plan onwards

👂 Talk to listen ratio, 🎤 Longest monologue - Yes


Yes, with meeting insights

🔠 Topic tracking - Yes


Yes, create your own topics with custom keywords

🤔 Meeting insights - -

✅ Yes

💡Deal intelligence - -


Yes, with CRM integration

👩‍🏫 Sales Coaching - -


Yes, with advanced coaching options and call ratings

🥇Team Intelligence - -


Yes, with advanced performance tracking

💵 Plans and pricing (per month billed annually)

Basic: Free

Pro: $8.33

Business: $20

Enterprise: Custom

Free: Free

Pro: $10

Business: $19

Enterprise: Custom

14 days free trial

Start: Free

Growth: $59

Scale/Enterprise: Custom

🌐 Website

What is

In brief: focuses on transcription, you can use it for meeting or voice notes. customer profile: Businesses, Individuals and Students - Looking for an easy notetaker to save time and to collaborate

Website: is speech to text software which creates shareable audio files and transcripts.'s different modules:

  • Otter for Individuals - Transcribes voice notes and organize online meetings
  • Otter for Teams - a version of the company's transcription tool designed for companies, which includes video meeting notes and collaboration.
  • Otter for Education - designed to assist students with note taking, by recording and transcribing lectures, recording who is talking and synchronizing the audio with the transcription

What is

In brief: is a  virtual assistant, it join your call and automate few tasks for you. customer profile: All teams of businesses - Sales, Engineering, Management, Recruitment

Website: is an artificial assistant tool that can automatically record, transcribe, and analyze calls and meetings. It offers collaboration options with your team mates making it easier to comment and share feedback.

What is MeetRecord?

In brief: MeetRecord is Meeting Intelligence platform, it goes beyond the usual assistant and give intelligence your customer facing teams can use.

MeetRecord customer profile: Sales team, Customer Success teams


MeetRecord is a meeting intelligence platform that helps customer-facing teams in capturing insights from video calls, implementing real-world sales coaching, and closing deals at a faster pace.

Thorough meeting insights, the platform aims to assist teams raise their win-rate, grow their sales funnel, and save onboarding time.

MeetRecord goes beyond just conversational intelligence and offers features like:

  • Record and transcribe calls from meeting tools like zoom, teams, meet and 10+ dialers
  • Root-Cause analysis
  • Track Market Keywords
  • Deal Intelligence
  • CRM Autofill
  • Automate Call Scoring
  • Personalized Coaching Program
  • Call Summaries
  • Sale team collaboration

What is common between, and

1. Call recording and transcription

You can record and transcribe meetings happening on tools like Zoom, Google Meet. You can just record a call or allow their assistant/notetaker to join your call to take meeting notes. They can identify multiple speakers present in the call and detect topics. All three tools help you create near accurate transcription which help you make better notes later.

2. Collaboration

All tools here allow sharing meeting link and meeting notes with your team or with someone outside your company as well. You can add comments and mark important moments of the calls other team mates to view.

3. Search

You can go through call in under 10 mins. Transcription of call make them searchable. It happens to all of us when you remember what someone said in the call and want to listen to part before and after that. All tools have made this much easy, just search for the keyword you are looking for and jump to that call section. You can set keywords which you want to track and create topics you want to follow.

What is the difference between, and

1. Video meetings and playback and does not save video recording of your meetings but MeetRecord does. All meetings are rich in actionable information, seeing people help you understand tone of the conversation. Video along with audio help you make connect with person, you can read their facial expression to know how elated they were when they praised your team or how frustrated they were when something was not right.

2. Deal intelligence

Tools like and don’t offer any deal intelligence but MeetRecord does. and primarily focus on taking notes and sharing with team. If you like to keep track of what is happening in your customer call and know which account needs your attention then deal intelligence will immensely help you.

Deal intelligence can be used to identify and prioritize the best opportunities, understand the prospect's needs, and tailor your sales pitch accordingly. It can also help you close deals faster and increase your win rate.

3. AI Sales Coaching

MeetRecord’s sales coaching goes much deeper than other tools. The system creates Coaching Initiatives automatically and scores the calls using AI. This helps with continuous coaching and removes bias from the system.

MeetRecord provides data-driven recommendations for every sales representative so the managers know how exactly their team can thrive.  Managers can comment or give feedback to sales team members from right within the platform. It's also possible to create playlists of calls on a particular topic to make sales coaching all the more easier and allow your sales rep to better understand how to handle topics they struggle with. You can rate and track your team’s performance on each call.

Which tool is best for you?

If you don’t want to spend any money

  • If you don’t want any costs incurred and would prefer to use the tool yourself, and would be the ones to go for. However, features will be very limited and recording/transcription for fair use of the platform.

If you are individual/student, and need a note taking tool

  • If you have limited usage and mostly want a tool to help you take better notes then would be the one to go for. Its free plan offers upto 3 voice notes transcription every month.

If you are a small business, and want to keep record of all meetings

  • If you want all your team members to keep a record of their meeting then MeetRecord or is the tool for you. It’s pro plan help your team record and transcribe their meeting.

If you want to keep video for later viewing

  • If you want to view video of you previous meeting, then go for MeetRecord. and will only save audio.

If you are looking for intelligence from sales meetings, and want to increase your revenue

  • If you want to get most out of sales meetings and focus on increasing revenue then go for MeetRecord. MeetRecord help you filter out accounts to focus on, onboard your reps faster and help you replicate winning tactics across team.

MeetRecord – The best meeting intelligence platform

When comparing the features and more importantly, the pricing, MeetRecord stands as the clear winner as the best meeting intelligence platform out there in the vs vs debate. While Otter and Fireflies may have basic features like recording and transcription covered they don't fit the suit if you are looking for intelligence from your meetings.

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High ROI alternative to fireflies and

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