Supercharge your Hubspot CRM with meeting insights

September 5, 2022

MeetRecord enables revenue teams in your organisation to capture insights from their meetings and calls. Insights from real-world calls help to coach your teams better and ramp up onboarding.

When you combine your HubSpot CRM data with MeetRecord, you get an unmatched visibility into how your reps are interacting with your customers and what's going on in your accounts.

With MeetRecord, you can

  • Figure patterns in won/lost deals
  • Replicate best-practices across teams
  • Find closing opportunities
  • Do root-cause analysis for lost lead
  • Listen to customers’ voice

Integration features


Increase conversations. Faster.

Get complete visibility into your customer conversations. MeetRecord helps you close deals faster,  and hear the voice of your customers. Find what is helping you close high value deals and what’s not.

Amplify your sales call data.

Identify who is performing well and scale the best practices across your revenue teams.  MeetRecord captures every customer call, web conference, and email. You can see how deals are progressing and what you could be doing better.


Streamline Insights with Two-Way data sync

MeetRecord pushes call data to HubSpot, so customers can view call activities and highlights directly from HubSpot to save time.

Call highlights, URL to recording, and participants info will appear under a new meeting in HubSpot CRM linked to Deal / Company / Contact.


1. Contact added but deal not created yet in Hubspot

Many sales reps prefer creating just the contact first, and deal/company later when there is positive next step from prospective customer/opportunity.

In this case, the recording data will be added as a ‘note’ activity under the identified contact.

2. Deal and Company created along with the contact

If the meeting participant is found associated with a deal, and/or company. The recording data will be added as a ‘note’ activity to the deal and company as well.

How do I integrate MeetRecord with Hubspot account?

To integrate your Hubspot account with MeetRecord

1. Go to integrations page on MeetRecord Settings

2. Click on the 'Connect' button below Hubspot Icon

3. Choose account and Authorize the MeetRecord app on Hubspot.

4. Go to the accounts sections to see the synced in deals and company details



 Streamline your workflows and give complete access to call insights to your revenue teams with MeetRecord's Hubspot integration. If you something specific in mind, connect with us on





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