Top 11 Sales enablement tools for a growing sales team

August 22, 2022

Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools and Why Do You Need Them

Sales enablement tools have undoubtedly become a buzz over the years. Run a quick search on the Google search engine, and you will find numerous listings from 100s to 1000s. 

From CRMs to email marketing tools, revenue intelligence software, and more, there’s no doubt about it. Everyone wants a bit of the cake, given how lucrative everything surrounding the typical sales process seems. 

With increased competition and a much higher buyer’s power, there now seems to exist some complexities regarding the right way to connect your content with the right prospects at the right times. Hence, why there is a surge in the use and need for sales enablement tools and software. 

Sales enablement tools offer sales and marketing teams a seamless and excellent way to deliver timely, relevant, and audience-centered content to prospects. However, there are numerous sales enablement tools out there, thus making it challenging to determine the specific one to save your business time instead of creating more bottlenecks. 

Here, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 10 sales enablement tools or software. With our list, you can choose a sales enablement tool that increases efficiency and enhance the productivity of your sales and marketing teams. But before then, let’s take a look at what sales enablement and sales enablement tools mean. 

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement allows you to provide your sales and marketing team with the right resources, knowledge, content, and instrument to help them meet their key performance indicators (KPIs) faster and achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently. 

With sales enablement, you’ve saddled your sales and marketing team with the appropriate preparation for their calls and presentation. They’ll be able to conduct the required analysis and make informed decisions. 

Now, you understand what sales enablement truly means. And you would be convinced to see why this label has numerous applications, tools, and software. Undoubtedly, sales enablement is genuinely one of the means of achieving your sales and marketing objectives.

What are Sales Enablement Tools? How Do You Choose the Right Ones?

As a sales manager, have you ever thought of software that could simply create, share, manage, and analyze your sales collateral? That’s what the sales enablement tool does. Typical sales enablement tools include collateral creation software, emails, documents, coaching platforms, CRMs, and more. 

When choosing a sales enablement software, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Just like every company differs, sales enablement tools also differ. But to sieve through everything the market offers right now, we’ve come up with four questions you should ask yourself before finally choosing a particular software to work with.  

How to Choose the Best Sales Enablement Tools for Your Team

With numerous sales enablement tools available on the internet, many sales managers find it challenging to choose the best one that best suits their marketing objectives. Here are some of the right questions to ask yourself when selecting a sales enablement tool: 

Is it Easy to Use?

You need to choose a sales enablement software that offers an intuitive interface. The kind of tool you choose must be easy-to-use for your team members and shouldn’t require unnecessary hours spent figuring out how to use it. 

Does it Seamlessly Integrate with Your CRM Software?

Your chosen sales enablement tool should be able to integrate seamlessly with your sales and marketing team and enhance their productivity. Jettison tools create complexities for teams by forcing them to engage in additional manual data entry. 

Is It Mobile-Friendly?

Have you ever considered that your sales team might find themselves in a situation where they’ll need to access the software from a mobile device? Therefore, you need to consider the mobile-friendliness of any sales enablement tool you choose. 

How about customer support? Is it Responsive?

Regardless of the efficiency of a tool, there’s a high chance that you would run into a software bug or other software issues. When you encounter this, will customer support be available and responsive? Therefore, you need to consider a sales enablement tool that quickly responds to issues and offers solutions promptly. 

With the above questions, you should find it easy to choose a sales enablement software that best suits your needs from the diverse selection of proven, easy-adopt, and scalable instruments to help your sales team scale better, hit their KPIs, and enhance their productivity. 

Top 10 Sales Enablement Tool

Now that you know the right questions to ask when choosing a sales enablement tool, it’s time to take a look at the top 10 sales enablement tools available for you in 2022. 


Looking for a sales enablement tool that analyzes all aspects of customer-facing interactions across phone and emails, MeetRecord is a perfect revenue intelligence tool to achieve that for you. With MeetRecord, your sales team is offered great insight into their customers' behaviors and the market in general. Apart from that, MeetRecord offers accurate and concise data, especially for sales training and smart strategy. 

MeetRecord is a perfect sales enablement tool that provides excellent insight into what your sales representatives do right and what they do wrong. With the right strategies, MeetRecord helps your team members become even stronger, efficient, and more productive. And if there’s anything that requires a quick solution, you’ll quickly notice that on your screen before the deal is lost. 

MeetRecord - One of top 11 sales enablement tool


With Brainshark, the complexities associated with the training and onboarding of new employees are eliminated. Brainshark is designed in a way in which learning providers offer proven sales courses and allows for the easy creation of video-based self-learning programs tailored toward improving the skills and knowledge of your team members. Brainshark can be integrated into your CRM, with the opportunity to learn on the go. Brainshark also has a tracker that analyzes and monitors sales performance. Then, sales managers are offered the chance to compare the progress of the sales team and their success. 


Looking for a sales enablement tool that allows you to discover and verify the information of your potential client with a click? Hunter is an excellent tool that helps you set an automated outreach campaign for your prospects. 

Hunter’s Email Finder is designed and programmed to confirm and verify the email addresses of any individual. The Domain Search tool is another feature of Hunter that helps sales teams to confirm the email addresses associated with a particular domain. Another incredible feature of Hunter includes the Email Verifier, which verifies the validity of an email address. Whether you’re working with a single email address or a domain, Email Finder, Email Verifier, and Domain Search are the top three incredible features Hunter offers. 

Other features include the Campaigns, which allows users to set up, launch, and manage automated outreach campaigns, and the Hunter Templates, a collection of top-performing cold email templates to help you navigate your next campaign faster. Regardless of your purpose, Hunter has many incredible features for your sales and marketing teams. 


LevelEleven, as a sales enablement system, primarily focuses on helping sales and marketing teams manage their activities while also providing quality insights into the behavioral patterns and the core sales strategies that are proven effective and accurate in closing deals. 

With LevelEleven, your marketing representatives are provided live visibility into your daily project performance. While it can be integrated with Salesforce, it makes it easy to visualize sales behavior on Salesforce. And to cap it all, insights from this visibility can be leveraged to develop your sales process and increase productivity. 


Does your marketing department solely depend on quality leads to measure success? Generally, the world is increasingly driven toward results. Hence, your customers tend to appreciate a c clear picture of their digital marketing activities. And that’s what CallRail prioritizes. As a sales enablement tool, CallRail derives data from calls, forms, and beyond to help customers achieve better outcomes that’ll match their marketing investments. 


If you already know about Cloze, you will agree that it is a CRM but even more than that. While it helps monitor your prospects' email history, Cloze also provides relevant data regarding the lead and the company so you can make sense of it. Cloze uses artificial intelligence that suggests the right person to speak with among your contacts. 

It also notifies you to follow up with your discussion and the best time to do that. Regardless of your company’s growth stage, Cloze is an easy and hassle-free tool to adopt. 


Have you been faced with difficulties and challenges when creating and tracking your sales collateral? FlippingBook seems like a perfect solution. FlppingBook is a powerful online tool that helps your sales and marketing representatives convert PDFs into interactive, easy-to-use, analyzable presentations, proposals, and pitches. 

With FlippingBook, the usual practice of attaching huge PDFs to emails is now over. Documents can directly be attached to emails via links in a simple and hassle-free manner. In fact, FlippingBook has an email notification that alerts your sales rep whenever the document sent via emal is opened, and the client has interacted with it. Additionally, FlippingBook offers a lot of professionally looking material, enhanced with videos, GIFs, and branding. 


Do you want all your information, sales resources, and content managed in an all-in-one central location? Seismic is global version control and approval solution that offers that. When you have the right access to the right information and customized content, interacting with prospective buyers or clients becomes pretty easy, and productivity is easily achieved. 

Of course, many sales enablement tool helps sales managers uncover relevant content, but Seismic goes beyond that to actually create the content. With the instructional design software and content curation tool Seismic offers, your marketing teams will undoubtedly create stunning content to melt the heart of your potential clients and sway them toward your direction. 


With PandaDoc, creating and tracking digital material is easy and hassle-free. What’s more? PandaDoc offers an incredibly intuitive drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to design stunning documents with zero design skills. Plus, you also enjoy using automation to produce customized content with the help of ready-made templates. Examples include presentations and proposals. 


Consensus remains one of the best intuitive sales automation tools that allow users to create on-demand interactive video demos. With Consensus, you have a repository of ready-made demos available for use at any time. The demos can be distributed privately alongside your pitch to your leads. 

With that, you can meaningfully communicate with your leads while saving up time for other tasks and responsibilities. Upon receipt of the demo videos, your client can easily reshare the demo with other decision-makers and stakeholders within their company, thus streamlining and cutting excesses in the whole sales process. 

Empower Your Marketing Teams with Sales Enablement Tools Right Now!

You’ve learned about the top 10 sales enablement tools or software, and now is the time to take the right action. 

What’s next?

Select a tool. Sign Up

Study the tools we’ve listed here. You’ll find that a good number of them offer a free trial for a certain period. Sign up for a free plan or trial period. After the trial period, you’ll discover whether the particular tool you’ve chosen is best for you. 

Check Out the tool with your team.

During your trial period, endeavor to involve your team members in the trial. Check out all the features and benefits. Take note of what you liked or disliked about the tool.

Evaluate and decide whether to continue using them or not

Once you’ve tried and tested the tool with your team members, you can then review your notes. Also, allow your team members to share their experiences with the tools. Whether it’s a good fit or not, it’s left to you to decide. If you are unsatisfied, check out a different tool. 

There you have it! Perhaps everything you need to know about sales enablement tools and the top 10 sales enablement tools available for you. Above all, discover the right sales enablement tool for your team members, and you’ll win together. 

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