GymLaunch Shrinks Sales Cycle
by 31% with Call Insights

GymLaunch uses MeetRecord across sales, CS and account management teams for 40+ members to make sure that every sales member talking to customers adheres to the process standards and keeps the timeline. 

Gymlaunch at a Glance

Gymlaunch is a leading provider of business and technology solutions for the fitness industry. Their platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help gyms and studios streamline their operations and grow their business.
Since its launch Gymlaunch catered to 30 different cities across the country in the first 18 months. Two years after that, the Gymlaunch model has now transformed more than 1500 gyms spanning four continents.

Now, Gym Launch is a $30 million a year business with over 100 full-time employees. With its clients grossing $1 billion in revenue by using Gymlaunch services, the team has seen a growth of over 500% year-on-year since 2017.

From membership management to class scheduling and marketing automation, Gymlaunch helps gym owners focus on what they do best: providing a great experience for their members while Gymlaunch takes care of client acquisition.

The Challenge

GymLaunch has 40+ customer facing reps including sales, onboarding and account managers, making 800+ minutes of calls clocked per day. It was becoming increasingly difficult to track what the conversations were and what offers were being presented to the client.

The CS team which helped onboard customers and solve their queries especially were dependent on frontline sales reps for details on clients requirements. And due to the sheer volume of calls being made, a lot of these were lost in transition, which led to limitations while onboarding and servicing customers.

In addition to this, sales managers were looking at ways to increase productivity and coach their sales team better while making sure all the core processes were adhered to. 

MeetRecord - The Solution

While looking for a solution for their customer facing teams, Gymlaunch had 2 main features
1. The ability to set up and get started without having to rely on their tech team. 
2. A way to get all the client calls into a single searchable database that can be used by CS and AM teams when working with clients

Using MeetRecord dashboard Gymlaunch managers and admins are able to add, remove, setup and train their own teams when required.

Our recording tab allowed Gymlaunch team to access any customer call recordings from within the dashboard. By implementing MeetRecord across sales, customer service and account management teams Gymlaunch was able to 
- Track all sales calls 
- Check for Process Adherence
- Make sales and CS handoff smother
- Listen voice of the customer

Call recording and transcription

Gymlaunch integrated MeetRecord across team calendars and Zoom to record and track all client meetings, allowing them to place all call records in a single searchable database and speeding up the CS team's ability to onboard customers and resolve queries.

MeetRecord call recording searchable list

Gymlaunch managers use MeetRecord to coach their sales teams and ensure adherence to processes, improving sales performance by analyzing calls recorded via MeetRecord.

Features Used

Call Recording

Gymlaunch connected their calendar to MeetRecord to keep track of and record all conversations between the rep and the customers.


All customer call were transcribed and added into a searchable database allowing managers to easily find and help resolve customer queries

Zoom integration

MeetRecord integrated with Gymlaunch's Zoom account to join and record all calls made via their account.

Share snippets

Sync all your meetings and demos with your Hubspot marketing and sales accounts. Capture call recording directly within your contact page.


One of the major problems that Gymlaunch was trying to solve was process adherence, followed by improving the sales team’s productivity. 
Saving close to 5 hours a day for managers and quality analysts listening to calls. What usually took them 2-3 days to evaluate could be done in less than 3 hours a day.

With MeetRecord’s call analysis feature Gymlaunch manager made sure that all the guidelines and processes set for sales were followed. Helping them improve customer satisfaction and speeding up resolution times.

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