Omneky Accelerates Ramp up Time of new sales team members
by 2X with Automated Coaching

Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to personalize advertising creative across all digital channels. Omneky CS team uses MeetRecord to track and analyze their onboarding and adoption calls.

Omneky at a Glance

Omneky machine learning algorithms that analyze what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and use these insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement.

The Challenge

Omneky’s account management and CS team onboards multiple clients every month, along with multiple status calls with clients per CS. This meant 100’s of short calls across the board for all CSMs and AMs. 

One of the major problems that the team was facing was to make sure that all the information provided across by AMs and CSMs to clients was accurate and the right process was being followed. 

Additionally, they were looking for a way to have a database of all these calls that can be referred to as and when required as part of their process.

MeetRecord - The Solution

While looking for a solution for their customer success team, Omneky had 3 main features they were looking for,
1. A central database of all calls to refer back to.
2. Check each call for the established processes adherence.
3. A way to give feedback on 100’s of calls that can help the CS team improve.

AI driven call reviews and coaching

Omneky uses MeetRecord’s native coaching initiative feature to check the calls for process adherence, the same feature is also being used to see progress on any new process implementation. 

With AI Coaching, Omneky has been able to review each call on the predetermined parameters created via coaching initiatives. The AI Coaching module analyzes each call, objectively scores customer calls and then shares feedback on how the rep could improve.

Call recording and transcription

Track and record all customer calls in single searchable database

Omneky team integrated their calendar and their meeting tool with MeetRecord. This allows MeetRecord bot to join customer calls and record them. All these recorded calls are saved in the MeetRecord dashboard, searchable using agent name, meeting name, date and team.

Call recording and transcription Call recording and transcription

Features Used

Automated summary

Insights IQ automatically analyzes each call and shares call summaries, MoMs and highlights with the team.


Omneky team uses coaching initiatives to create programs that can be used to track rep progress and implement new processes.

Zoom integration

MeetRecord integrated with Omneky's Zoom account to join and record all calls made via their account.

Sharing and Feedback

Sync all your meetings and demos with your CRM. Capture call recording directly within your contact page.

The Impact

Omneky is now able to track all their CS calls and have access to them via MeetRecord. The AI Coaching module by MeetRecord, allows the Omneky team to review calls automatically and score them based on a predetermined criteria. 

Additionally, coaching initiatives are also being used to check for process adherence and to manually share feedback with the reps.

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