Close CRM + MeetRecord

Connect your meetings with your leads in Close CRM, keep track of all meeting activity and automatically generate customized follow up emails that you can use after every customer call. ‍

What can this integration do?

Associate deals to calls

Track customer conversations across the board. MeetRecord sends the record of every conversation to your Close CRM account along with Minutes of the Meeting and call summary that your salespeople can use as required. 

Close CRM lead view

Automate MoM and call summaries

With Insights IQ from MeetRecord, you would be able to generate call summaries or MoM’s for every call with your leads. Send this directly to your Close CRM account to keep track of conversations and customer feedback. 

MeetRecord MoM in Close CRM

Automate follow up

Based on your conversation, get Insights IQ to generate a customized email that you can use to follow up with your customer or just send the AI generated call summary to your customer.

How to integrate this?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

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