Salesforce + MeetRecord

Use MeetRecord with Salesforce, associate contacts, accounts and leads with meetings. Know how your team did and give direct feedback based on recordings.

What can this integration do?

Keep track of sales activities

Connect your Salesforce contacts and deals with meetings recorded via MeetRecord. Keep track of all your customer calls and demos at one place.

Capture customer requirements and Feedback

Record automated call summaries and Minutes of the Meetings directly in your Salesforce contact page. Use this information to instantly capture customer requirement or share minutes fo the meeting directly with the customer.

How to integrate this?

To integrate your Salesforce account with MeetRecord

1. Go to the integrations page on MeetRecord Settings

2. Click on the 'Connect' button below Salesforce Icon

3. New page will open to authorize Salesforce, if you have multiple accounts, then choose the account and proceed ahead

4. Connect app

5. That is it! You will be redirected to Meetrecord Integrations page, now Salesforce will show as "Connected"

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