Introduction to MeetRecord-Salesforce integrations

Use MeetRecord with Salesforce, associate contacts, accounts and leads with meetings. Know how your team did and give direct feedback based on recordings.

Integrating Salesforce with MeetRecord offers a seamless way to enhance your sales process and gain deeper insights into your team's performance. This integration lets you view Salesforce data directly within MeetRecord, providing a comprehensive overview of customer interactions and sales activities. 

By importing Salesforce data into MeetRecord, you can filter whose calls get recorded, associate CRM data with MeetRecord activities, and enable advanced search functionalities based on Salesforce fields. This integration improves the contextual understanding of each call and leverages Salesforce fields to refine call filtering and search results, making your sales data more actionable and insightful.

You can integrate Salesforce to MeetRecord in 2 ways -

View Salesforce data in MeetRecord (read-only API integration or Connected app integration)

Import Salesforce data into MeetRecord to:

  • Filter whose calls get recorded using a Salesforce custom field
  • Associate your CRM data with MeetRecord activities such as conversations, giving context so that you know who participated in the call
  • Enabling search functionality based on Salesforce fields
  • Leverage Salesforce fields in MeetRecord to filter calls and search results

This integration allows MeetRecord to connect to the Salesforce API (read-only) to retrieve context for each call and associate it with accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads

The API connection is set through MeetRecord using OAuth to allow MeetRecord to use the Salesforce API. You must be a Salesforce admin.

View MeetRecord data in Salesforce (MeetRecord for Salesforce - AppXchange app)

Export MeetRecord data to Salesforce using the MeetRecord for Salesforce app to:

  • You can see full call data in Salesforce, including topics and trackers mentioned in calls, call stats, and transcripts for any calls associated with your Salesforce accounts, opportunities, contacts, or leads.
  • Leverage MeetRecord data and cross-correlate with Salesforce data to create pipeline, account, and deal-level reports and gain visibility to your sales processes.
  • Drill down into conversation data created by MeetRecord and modeled for your use cases
  • Ability to measure your KPIs through data integration and enjoy more insights into your team and pipeline:
    1. Which coaching method is more effective for winning deals?
    2. What are your star reps doing differently?
    3. Which trackers are trending?
    4. What is the state of your pipeline?

MeetRecord for Salesforce is a managed package app.

This integration allows MeetRecord to connect to the Salesforce API (read-write) and perform two main tasks:

- Create MeetRecord conversation records in Salesforce for every processed conversation, with links to the relevant accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads.

- Autofill custom fields into the CRM using the AI Docs feature.

View CRM Automation feature page for learn about more benefits.


What permissions are required to connect Salesforce to MeetRecord?

The person who performs the OAuth connection should have the following Salesforce permissions:

Read permissions to Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead, Opportunity Stage and Opportunity History.

If you set up pushing  calls to custom objects: write permission to the Conversation object

To view the app in Salesforce, you must have read permissions to the Conversation object and all ots related custom objects.

Why should I set up a Salesforce integration?

Once you connect to Salesforce, you and your team can search and analyze conversations based on Salesforce fields (like stage or amount) and push conversation data to Salesforce.

Install the MeetRecord for Salesforce app to push call data to Salesforce to make your records in Salesforce richer.

Why should I set up an integration user?

We recommend using a dedicated integration user to set up the integration. This is because if the user who sets up the integration is deactivated, the integration will disconnect. Using a dedicated user who is not a real user in the company and will not be deactivated prevents this from happening.

What is MeetRecord for Salesforce?

MeetRecord for Salesforce is a managed package app that enables you to access conversation data created by MeetRecord in Salesforce Appxchange.

Can I control what Salesforce data is imported to MeetRecord?

Yes. You can select which Salesforce fields (built-in and custom fields) to import into MeetRecord. Check AI Docs feature to connect custom CRM fields. 

How does MeetRecord use Salesforce data?

MeetRecord uses Salesforce data to analyze conversations and enables you to filter data on various MeetRecord pages, including the Search and Deals pages.

Can I control which MeetRecord calls to export to Salesforce?

Once you have integrated MeetRecord, the calls will start getting associated with the relevant deals and contacts. You can delete the records in your Salesforce Dashboard.

What should I set up in Salesforce so MeetRecord can push call data?

In Salesforce, the app sets up the following:

The MeetRecord Conversation Salesforce object

  • A set of custom objects to structure all call data within each conversation
  • A canvas app (for the call highlights and transcript)
  • A connected app to enable API usage from MeetRecord to Salesforce

How to integrate Salesforce connected app with MeetRecord?

To integrate your Salesforce account with MeetRecord

1. Go to the integrations page on MeetRecord Settings

2. Click on the 'Connect' button below Salesforce Icon

3. New page will open to authorize Salesforce, if you have multiple accounts, then choose the account and proceed ahead

4. Connect app

5. That is it! You will be redirected to Meetrecord Integrations page, now Salesforce will show as "Connected"

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