Zoom + MeetRecord

MeetRecord integrates seamlessly with your Zoom account, recording calls, transcribing conversations and evaluating them automatically using AI.

What can this integration do?

Track customer conversations

MeetRecord integrates with your calendar and your meeting solution like Zoom to automatically record, transcribe and capture call insights that you can use to improve sales rep performance on these calls. 

Improve sales performance

Calls recorded are then analyzed using Insights IQ to find coaching opportunities, evaluate performance, give feedback on what could have been improved and what the next steps should be.

How to integrate Zoom with MeetRecord?

1. Go to Profile (on top right corner) > Integrations or Click here

2. Click on the 'Connect' button to connect your Zoom account

3. You will be asked to login into Zoom, if you are not logged in. 

4. Approve the MeetRecord and also check the share access permission from this screen.

5. Click on Allow and you are done.

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