8 ways managers can use conversational intelligence software

July 26, 2022

There's a lot of buzz surrounding conversational intelligence (CI) software and its ability to transform the way business is done. If you want to improve your sales process and drive more revenue for your bottom line, it can pay to invest in a conversational intelligence technology solution.

How managers can use conversation intelligence? Conversational intelligence software can help sales managers at all levels by providing insight into which leads are the most promising and converting. Read on to understand more about how this software revolutionizes sales in various businesses.

Overview of Conversational Intelligence Software

Conversation intelligence platform for sales and software are quickly becoming the new standard for sales managers. You may have heard of it, but what exactly is it? Conversational Intelligence software is a platform that allows salespeople to interact more naturally with their customers. It can be used to create more personalized communications and increase customer satisfaction.

The software uses data from the conversations happening over video chats, phone call to derive intelligence and suggest a pattern.

The software uses data from previous conversations to predict what the next question will be or what topics the customer may want to discuss. It then generates responses that are tailored to each individual customer's history.

Salespeople need to be able to adapt their approach based on the situation they are in, which is not always easy or possible. They need to know how to answer questions from prospects and customers, understand their needs and preferences, ask relevant questions and guide them towards purchasing. It is important for salespeople to be able to identify pattern in the selling behaviour and learn quickly from their colleagues.

This approach has been proven effective in helping salespeople close more deals. This is because it allows them to spend less time researching and writing emails and more time engaging with customers.

Top 3 Conversational intelligence tools for sales team

There are more that 50 conversational intelligence tools listed by https://www.topsales.tools, here are top 3 you would like:

1. MeetRecord.com

MeetRecord help sales teams to capture intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching, and close deals faster.

Top use cases:

  • Keep a record of all the meetings. Never lose a conversation, ever.
  • Know what is happening in all meetings, without attending them
  • Get suggestion of deals that need your attention
  • Take voice of customer to everyone to make better product
  • Get tips on your communication skills
  • Get alerts when customer speak about your competitor
  • Track performance of your team and coach them on real calls

Pricing: Starts $72 per user/year

Schedule demo here : https://www.meetrecord.com/

2. Gong

Gong captures every customer call, web conference, and email. You'll be able to monitor how deals are developing and what you may be doing differently.

Gong makes it easier for your team to collaborate, give feedback, and work as a lean mean selling machine. More deals are won when salespeople work together.  Gong analyses your team's statistics and industry benchmarks, then suggest what works.

Pricing: Base price $5000 + $1200 per user/year minimum (Source)

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3. Chorus

Chorus is a simple, scalable system for capturing and analysing all customer calls, meetings, and emails, allowing you to gain visibility, drive process and behaviour improvements, and impact your bottom line.

It helps you identify what high achievers do differently so that you may spread winning behaviours throughout your entire organisation.

Pricing: Starting cost for Chorus.ai is around $1200 per user/year

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How managers can use Conversation Intelligence?

While there are several ways sales managers can improve their leadership skills, one of the most effective is through conversational intelligence software.

Conversational intelligence software helps sales managers by providing them with tools and resources they can use in their daily interactions with customers, prospects, and colleagues. Aside from that, these are some examples of the benefits they can gain from best conversation intelligence software:

1. Identify the sales team's strengths and weaknesses

One of the biggest challenges for sales managers is figuring out how to motivate their employees and encourage them to work harder. This is especially true when multiple people are working on a project or when one person isn't pulling their own weight.

However, with conversational intelligence software, it becomes easier to gauge each employee's performance because they can easily identify which ones are excelling at their jobs and which aren't.

Conversational intelligence software helps sales managers make sense of all this information by providing them with insights into where each member stands in terms of sales performance. It also gives them an understanding of how well their team communicates, which is important because communication is key to maximizing sales performance.

For example, you might see that your senior team members have not reached out enough to junior members, who may be struggling with certain aspects of their job, such as maintaining relationships with clients or closing deals. Using this data, you can then create a plan that addresses these issues head-on and helps your team members improve their overall performance.

If you want to find out which team members are performing well, you need to know what constitutes "good" performance within your organization. Sales reps might think they need to close all their deals within two weeks, but if you don't agree with this strategy, it won't be effective for your company. Use conversational intelligence software to identify which team members are getting the most results from their efforts so that you can give them more opportunities to succeed.

2. Improve sales presentation process

Sales managers are tasked with improving sales performance. They also must ensure that their team members follow the sales process. In addition, they need to make sure that the sales presentation is convincing and compelling.

A good sales presentation needs to be dynamic and engaging. It needs to grab the attention of the prospect, present the product in a way that makes it irresistible and close the deal. This is not easy, especially when you have multiple prospects who are not always interested in your offer. What's more, they may be busy or distracted during your presentation.

That's where conversational intelligence comes in. With conversational intelligence software like MeetRecord, you can easily build a personalized experience for each prospect based on their interests and previous interactions with your company or products.

These interactions include how the sales team answers questions, what they say, and how they respond to objections. They can also use it to improve their listening skills. By practicing in this program, they can improve their listening skills, so they know what their customers want from each interaction. The more confident they feel about themselves as speakers, the better they will be able to convince others to buy from them.

3. Increase winning rate

Conversational Intelligence software helps sales managers with real-time feedback on the effectiveness of their team members' conversations with customers. From this information, they can determine which actions need to be taken to improve performance and increase win rates.

Conversational Intelligence software works by analyzing recordings of customer interactions and identifying areas where your team members could improve their communication skills. This tool then provides you with a detailed analysis of each call so that you know exactly what needs to be done next.

For example, if a particular employee isn't closing enough deals during sales calls, then the software will tell you which calls were successful and which ones weren't so that you can identify why one person is winning more business than another

4. Predict sales growth

The idea behind conversational intelligence is that it can help sales teams get a better sense of what their prospects need, even before they know it themselves. In other words, it's about understanding your customers' needs better than they do.

Sales managers must manage their time, set goals for the team, create strategies for growth, and even do some selling themselves. Sales managers are always looking for ways to predict sales with greater accuracy. The better they can predict, the better they can plan and manage their sales force. But many of the tools available today, while incredibly useful, are limited in their ability to help sales managers predict sales accurately.

Conversational Intelligence software is different. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze various data points, including social media conversations and other public sources, to identify trends and patterns in how customers buy.

By analyzing these trends and patterns, your sales team can use Conversational Intelligence software to forecast when customers will buy, which products they'll buy and how much they'll spend.

This information gives your sales team a significant competitive advantage because it lets them know which deals are most likely to close and when they will happen. They can focus their attention on winning them rather than chasing leads that aren't likely to close.

Predictive analytics software helps sales managers predict what will happen in their business. They can use this information to make better decisions about how they spend their time and money on the team and in the market.

5. Spot talent more easily

Conversational intelligence software is a great way to find out more about your team and the people they are interacting with. It's a lot easier than asking questions and can give you a lot of information to help you make better decisions.

Finding talented salespeople is one of the biggest challenges facing sales managers today. In fact, it's one of the top reasons why SMEs struggle to scale their sales teams. This means they need to know who has the right skills, experience, and personality traits for each role on the team.

Conversational intelligence software will allow you to see how well your team has been performing, how much time they spend on each task, and how productive they are. It also allows you to see which team members are the best at communicating with clients, which might be someone who is not as experienced as others.

This means that if you need someone to work on a high-pressure project or sell an expensive product, they may be able to do it better than someone else on your team who has been working there longer but hasn't had any experience selling anything yet.

6. Reduce customer churn

Conversational intelligence lets you know more about your customers' wants and needs. With AI technology at your side, you can better understand what customers want from your company and how your products can help them get closer to their goals. This insight helps you tailor their experience to align with their expectations.

Conversational intelligence gives you better insights into customer behavior. Conversational intelligence software also allows sales managers to predict customer behavior based on past interactions or use patterns.

This gives you insight into what they need next and help; you provide customized solutions to keep them engaged with your brand long-term and prevent them from leaving your business altogether. It helps keep employees accountable while providing metrics that show how well they're doing at their job.

7. Customize training

Sales managers play a critical role in the success of any company. They need to be able to train their team and provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed. However, traditional training methods are not always effective.

As a sales manager, managing every aspect of their team's training needs can be very difficult. They may not have enough time or resources to get this done properly, which can lead to less than optimal results for their teams. This is where conversational intelligence software comes in handy.

Conversational intelligence software allows you to customize training so that it meets the needs of each individual on your team. It allows you to create specific training programs for each person based on their needs and interests. This makes it easier for each person on your team to get exactly what they need from their training program, which helps them become more successful at work and learn faster than ever before.

8. Reduce compliance and risk issues

Sales managers are often faced with managing compliance and risk issues. Sales reps have access to an ever-increasing number of channels, social media, and messaging apps that can be used to engage with prospects and customers. This is a great thing for sales teams because it lets them reach more people in more places and creates risk.

Some have lost business due to a social media mishap. While most companies have policies for acceptable behavior on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, they don't always enforce them consistently or effectively.

Sales reps need to know what they can say and when they can say it. They also need to understand that their companies monitor their actions online even if they aren't explicitly told this information.

Conversational Intelligence software has emerged as a solution for this problem by providing sales managers with visibility into their reps' communications so they can monitor compliance and risk through real-time analytics.

Final Thoughts

It's clear that AI will enormously impact how sales and marketing are made in the future. Today, we are already seeing the benefits of AI-driven solutions for sales communication software. As AI strengthens, these benefits will continue to expand. If you're a sales professional, it's time you seriously consider them.

Conversational Intelligence Software is an easy and quick way for managers to verify their industry's rules, regulations, recommendations, and best practices. Quickly access data from hundreds of sources in seconds with a single click.

MeetRecord – The best conversational intelligence tool

Conversational Intelligence is a must have for a growing sales team. It empowers your team to outperform your competitors. By doing self analysis it leads them to be a better closer. Teams together can know what is working for them and fine tune their sales conversation for better results. MeetRecord helps you get better with every call you have with deals.

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