Gong.io pricing vs 4 other meeting intelligence tools

Gong.io has been one of the top companies in the Revenue Intelligence or Conversational Intelligence market over the last 5 years. Its defining features are the detailed transcribing and intelligence platform. In execution, it has to be said that Gong.io has done a great job of consistently finding new ways to derive deal intelligence from conversational data.

An enterprise tool comes with a similar pricing. But do you really need all of it?

Table of Contents

  1. Compare Gong and others - Free template
  2. MeetRecord v/s Gong
  3. Gong Pricing
  4. Other alternatives to Gong with pricing
  5. MeetRecord v/s Gong
  6. Chorus v/s Gong
  7. Saleskloft v/s Gong
  8. Execvision v/s Gong

Compare Gong and others

Download a free template to compare features and make the right choice for your team

MeetRecord v/s Gong.io



Key use cases

  • Get deal intelligence to close deals faster
  • Active call monitoring and analysis
  • Personalized sales coaching
  • Remote onboarding
  • Sale team collaboration

Ideal for:

  • Sale team
  • Small and medium sized companies


  • You can get started for free. The paid plans start from $9 per user. Start here

Gong pricing

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/sales/comments/i9y8en/how_much_is_gongio/

Gong pricing is not public but curating from multiple source we know that Gong.io’s per-user rates range from $100 to $200 per user. And add to that the compulsory base price.

The total cost is base price $5000 + $1200 per user/year minimum.

These costs are disproportionately high as they were one of the first ones to enter the market. It might need to price this high because as Gong.io has scaled, numerous full-time employees have been added to its payroll. This has likely resulted in the ballooning of overheads.

Which large enterprises can get away with overpaying for the features, this doesn’t bode well for the mid-market companies. Most startups are cash-strapped and need to achieve growth affordably.

Other alternatives to Gong with Pricing

Chorus.ai v/s Gong.io



Key use cases

  • Broader Conversational intelligence tool, not only for sales team
  • Call recording
  • Market intelligence

Ideal for:

  • All team
  • Medium and large sized companies


Starting cost for Chorus.ai is around $1200 per user/year.

SalesLoft v/s Gong.io



Key use cases

  • Email Cadence
  • Deal monitoring
  • Call analysis

Ideal for:

  • Sale team
  • Medium and large sized companies


Since Salesloft does so much more from sending emails, scheduling cadences, to engagement, a single license would cost you $100 -150 depending on scale and modules.

Execvision.io v/s Gong.io



Key use cases

  • Conversational intelligence
  • Coaching

Ideal for:

  • Sale team
  • Medium and large sized companies


Starting cost for Execvision is around $1200 per user/year. However, this price is subject to factors like negotiation and deal sizes

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