How to calculate ROI of Gong, Chorus, Avoma, and MeetRecord - Revenue Intelligence Solution?

Snehal Nimje
May 31, 2024

For sales and customer success teams today, leveraging the power of revenue intelligence tools like - Gong, Chorus, Avoma, and MeetRecord - has become a game-changer to optimize their performance and close deals faster. These sophisticated solutions analyze sales conversations to unearth valuable insights, empowering teams to enhance their strategies, build high-performing units, and clinch more deals. 

A crucial aspect of integrating such revenue intelligence is understanding its return on investment (ROI). We guide you through the process of calculating the ROI of revenue intelligence tools, using MeetRecord's Revenue Intelligence & Automation Solution as a reference point.

Understanding ROI in the Context of Revenue Intelligence

ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate an investment's efficiency or profitability or compare several investments' efficiency. In the context of revenue intelligence solutions, ROI calculation encompasses assessing both tangible benefits, like increased earnings and time savings, and intangible benefits, such as improved talent retention and sales-marketing alignment.

The ROI Calculator: Estimating Earnings and Time-Savings

An ROI Calculator is an invaluable tool that estimates potential earnings and time savings by implementing a Revenue Intelligence & Automation Solution like MeetRecord. It factors in the improvements in deal performance, reduction in sales cycle, identification of opportunities for sales teams, and increased upsell potential and retention for customer service (CS) teams.

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Direct Benefits of Revenue Intelligence Tools

Increased Earnings

Revenue intelligence tools directly increase earnings by unclogging the deal pipeline and accelerating deal flow by about 7%. This improvement is crucial for sales teams seeking to enhance their deal performance.

Direct Time Savings

These tools eliminate the need for low-value tasks such as note-taking and managing playlists, thereby saving precious time that can be invested in more strategic activities. On an average, such solutions save 10% of the time off sales representatives and managers, which can in turn be used for more selling :)

Faster Ramp-Up of New Joiners

Considering the high turnover in sales roles, with typically 30% of the sales workforce being replaced every year, revenue intelligence tools significantly speed up the onboarding process for new representatives, cutting the time required in half from 8 weeks to just 4 weeks.

Manager Productivity

By automating the process of listening to calls for scoring and feedback, these tools save at least one hour per sales rep per week, thereby enhancing managerial productivity.

Unquantified Benefits

While the direct benefits of revenue intelligence tools are compelling, the unquantified benefits are equally important:

Increased Talent Retention

By improving the overall work experience for sales representatives and managers, tools like MeetRecord make it easier to reduce attrition and retain talent.

Increased Visibility

Access to call recordings provides insights into salesperson habits and customer feedback, enhancing visibility across the organization.


Enhanced data from calls, complete with metrics, gives sales teams clear goals for quantifiable performance improvements.

Prevent Mis-selling

Auditing customer conversations helps check for overselling or overpromising, which could negatively impact customer retention.

Sales-Marketing Alignment

Deep insights from customer conversation data facilitate a better understanding of problems faced and need-gap analysis, aligning sales and marketing efforts more closely.

Work Flexibility

The ability to onboard new team members remotely is especially beneficial in today's hybrid work environment.

Calculating ROI: A Step-by-Step Approach

To calculate the ROI of a revenue intelligence tool like MeetRecord, follow these steps:

Identify Cost Investment

Determine the cost of implementing and maintaining the revenue intelligence solution, including subscription fees, training costs, and other associated expenses.

Quantify Direct Benefits

Calculate the increase in earnings resulting from accelerated deal flow and reduced sales cycle times. For sales teams, consider the 7% improvement in deal performance; for CS teams, factor in the 2% increase in upsell potential.

Assess Time Savings

Translate time savings into monetary value by considering the cost of time spent on low-value tasks and managerial activities that the tool now automates.

Estimate Unquantified Benefits

Although harder to quantify, estimate the financial impact of increased talent retention, improved alignment between sales and marketing, and enhanced work flexibility.

Calculate Net Benefits

Sum up the direct financial gains and the estimated value of time savings and unquantified benefits.

Compute ROI

Use the formula ROI = (Net Benefits - Cost Investment) / Cost Investment. Express the result as a percentage to understand the efficiency of the investment in the revenue intelligence tool.

MeetRecord: Enhancing ROI Through AI Coaching

MeetRecord's AI Coaching feature stands out as a critical differentiator in maximizing the ROI of revenue intelligence tools. By providing personalized AI-driven coaching and automated call scoring, MeetRecord ensures continuous support for improvement, fostering an environment of sustained success. 

The platform's ability to save 30% of time for sales representatives and managers by automating repetitive tasks significantly enhances managerial productivity and efficiency. 

Moreover, the accelerated onboarding process and efficient team progress tracking contribute to faster ramp-up times and improved team performance, directly impacting the bottom line.


Calculating the ROI of revenue intelligence tools is crucial for sales and CS teams to justify their investment and strategically allocate resources.

 By focusing on both the direct and unquantified benefits, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of the value these tools bring. MeetRecord exemplifies how AI-enabled sales coaching can significantly improve sales performance, reduce churn, and, ultimately, enhance the overall ROI of revenue intelligence solutions. 

Through careful calculation and strategic implementation, revenue intelligence tools like MeetRecord can transform the sales and customer service landscape, driving organizations toward greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Snehal Nimje

Snehal is co-founder & CEO at MeetRecord. He is super interested to discuss the latest in Sales Technology, and incredibly eager to explore the cutting-edge trends in AI.

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