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May 16, 2023

Otter is doing a price update from 27th Sep onwards. Check how MeetRecord can you with

Otter vs MeetRecord offering comparison

Otter vs MeetRecord offering comparison

Top reasons to choose MeetRecord over Otter

1. Get intelligence from calls

Otter only helps you with transcription of your audio files or you online meetings. MeetRecord goes beyond and give insights like talks to listen ratio, Auto topic detection and categorises them neatly for better understanding across multiple calls.

2. Help sales team increase win rate

Otter is build for individuals, solopreneurs and students. When it come to business needs it doesn't do the best job. If you want better insights from your customer conversations then MeetRecord is better suited to do the job. It helps you detect deal winning patterns which you can replicate across the team. You can save calls as playlists so that new joinee doesn't have to shadow you, decreasing onboarding from 3 months to 15 days. Sales coaching is another great usecase. Find how your team is doing and give feedback at the exact points. Track their performance and measure progress.

3. Get voice of customer across teams

Often only Sales and support teams are interacting with customers directly. Voice of customer is lost when it comes to marketing and product teams. Everyone knows what happens in the game of Chinese whispers, is the same happening in you company?. What customer says could be different from what sales team understands and how product team could perceive. With MeetRecord it is easier to bring all teams closer to customers. Teams can listen to call and revisit them when required without actually attending them.

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