Analyze calls to find insights that improve onboarding and drive retention

MeetRecord helps you speedup onboarding and drive revenue through upsells by tracking and analyzing all your customer conversations.

Identify customer concerns and expectations to help your customer success, product and support team better engage with customers and improve retention.

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"MeetRecord automatically places all of our meeting recordings into an easily searchable bucket which we use to make sure our processes are followed and to coach our team. I like their support team and how they work with us diligently to ensure the platform completely met our needs."

Daniel Tingle

Identify and resolve customer queries faster

MeetRecord integrates with your meeting app to record calls and track keywords that help you identify customer concerns and capture feedback.

Help support and product teams resolve queries faster, improve customer happiness and reduce churn.

Track calls to capture customer requirements and speedup onboarding

Capture customer requirements through pre-recorded sales calls, custom notes, and snippets.

Use these insights to build your playbooks speeding up customer onboarding and driving better product adoption.

Upsell to the right customers at the right time

Identify when a customer is ready for an upgrade or is looking for a new feature by tracking specific keywords in the conversation.

Pitch at the right time to build better engagement and improve your chances of conversion.

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