Deal Activity & Timeline

Eliminate manual deal tracking, save time, and receive notifications on progress and warnings, all in a single, streamlined interface.
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Effective Decision-Making at Every Deal Stage

Uncover insights, eliminate manual tracking, and save valuable time, all within a single, streamlined interface

Deal Activity

Deal Activity shows meetings, emails, and calls conducted by your team or the prospect on a unified timeline spanning the past 30 days.

More bubbles mean higher activity, implying the deal is likely on track. A fewer number of bubbles or white space indicates that there is lower interest from the prospect’s side.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Deal Health Timeline

The health score undergoes continuous updates following each call as the deal progresses.

The timeline of Deal Health illustrates the trajectory, providing a visual representation of the dynamic changes influenced by individual calls. This facilitates a detailed examination of each call's impact on either advancing the deal to the next CRM stage or contributing to its decline.

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