Insights IQ

Cutting-edge AI feature that goes beyond the surface to understand the context and sift through the relevant calls to provide you with the precise answers you seek
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Actionable Insights at your fingertips

Get detailed answers to any sales-related questions about a call, deal, team member, or the pipeline

Call-level Insights

Insights IQ allows you to delve into the nuances of sales representatives' interactions.
Questions like whether the representative set an agenda for the meeting, discussed functionalities, or inquired about customer pain points are effortlessly answered.

This granular approach enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance customer engagement strategies.
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Deal-level Insights

Insights IQ provides a comprehensive view of ongoing deals.

Are you curious about the most common words customers are using or the primary hurdles in closing a deal? This tool delivers detailed insights, allowing you to tailor your approach and navigate deal progress with informed decisions.

Pipeline-level Insights

Insights IQ unveils a panoramic view of customer interactions.

It answers critical questions about customer complaints, common customer language, and the current status of the sales pipeline.

This organizational intelligence is instrumental in refining overarching strategies and addressing systemic issues.
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