Automate CRM Data Sync

Send call summaries to CRM to retain context. Customize auto note-taking using AI-driven templates. Effortlessly autofill CRM fields. Streamline personalized follow-up emails for quicker replies.
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Elevate your CRM Insights

CRM Automation is more than just a technological upgrade; it's a strategic move to making data-driven decisions that are more sustainable

30% Time Savings

Automate your repetitive tasks and save 30% time adding and updating CRM
data fields

Be Data Driven

Embrace data-driven decision-making with up-to-date CRM, email, and
conversation data.

Improved Forecasting

Forecast deals and revenue projections better with real-world customer conversation datapoints

Make your CRM - AutoMagic!

Foster an environment of continuous learning and improvement

Power summaries

Enhance context retention — link call recordings and summaries to CRM seamlessly. Listen to calls directly in your CRM.
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Dashboard mockup

AI Docs

Customize auto note-taking with templates mirroring top methodologies like SPIN, MEDDICC, BANT, and more.

Autofill CRM fields

MeetRecord understands your conversations and fills up your CRM fields with one click. You can fill out the contact, opportunity, and lead – standard and custom fields.
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Dashboard mockup

Automate Follow-up email

MeetRecord drafts tailored messages based on call conversations. Save time and ensure prompt replies.

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Get in-depth visibility into your sales conversations. Rated 4.8 on G2.

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