Precise AI Guidance to Accelerate deal flow

Revolutionize your deal management with AI precision, targeted recommendations, continuous deal health tracking, and real-time alerts.

Accelerate your path to faster and more confident deal closures.
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It's not just about speed—it's about precision

Revolutionize your approach with Deal Intelligence, where accelerated deals meet unmatched accuracy.

Improved Visibility

Get clear visibility into the progress of your deals - Identify those On Track and those At Risk with clarity

Faster Decision Making

Don't let your precious deal go stale. See what is blocking your deals from blocking and get suggestions.

2X Deal Closures

Take definitive steps to move the deal forward and replicate the best practices
across deals

Elevate your Deal Game

Accelerate your path to faster and more confident deal closures.

Deal Recommendations

Transform sales calls into deal catalysts.

MeetRecord provides pin-pointed recommendations based on your best calls to overcome objections. Get actionable guidance to put your deals in the fast lane.
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Deal Health Score

Track your deal's pulse with the Deal Health Score. Swiftly identify and address deals that require attention.

Deal Summary

Effortlessly grasp deal dynamics—pain points, status, use-cases, call performance, objections. Ideal for managers and new team members to stay updated on deals.
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Smart Alerts

Stay ahead with real-time alerts on competitor or keyword mentions. Secure every deal by staying informed and responding promptly to objections.

Custom Dashboards

Tailor your insights with Custom Dashboards.

Monitor key aspects using 30+ call parameters for a comprehensive view that matters most.
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Get in-depth visibility into your sales conversations. Rated 4.8 on G2.

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