Boost Collaboration, Enhance Sales Productivity

Effortlessly monitor conversations, track keywords, and boost collaboration. Share meaningful call snippets and receive direct feedback for improved engagement and productivity.
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Unleash Productivity with Collaboration

Sales Collaboration is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for a united, engaged, and productive sales force

Keep Data Organized

Keep calls and data organized with comments and labels for faster retrieval and future knowledge sharing

Make Team Collaborative

Customers have found MeetRecord to make their teams more collaborative with constructive idea sharing

50% Quicker Handovers

Forget the back and forth between the implementation, CS, and product teams. Share the call with the entire context.

Take Collaboration to the Next Level

Foster a dynamic and productive environment

Seamless Commenting

Request precise feedback directly, enhancing growth. Provide context for a more informed and constructive managerial review process. Elevate performance together.
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AI-Powered Coaching Library

Empower collaboration—share call snippets externally with customers or internally with marketing/product teams, fostering impactful case-building and strategic insights.

Share Call Snippets

Share a snippet of the call with the customer or internally with marketing or product teams to build a case internally
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Dashboard mockup

Key-moments Timeline

Browse through the crucial moments of the call — highlights, questions, labels, and comments — on a single timeline. 

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