Record, analyze, and improve your sales conversations

Upskill your sales team by recording and analyzing all your sales conversations. 

Identify coaching opportunities, track keywords, and use scorecards to improve sales performance and speed up onboarding.

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Bring Your Customer's Voice to Life

Derive Intelligence

Share customer insights and intelligence over a single platform making it accessible for everyone.

Ramp up Coaching

Identify best practices. Reduced onboarding time with actual examples and use-cases

Find Upsell Opportunities

Enable the Sales Team with Upsell Opportunities. Improve NRR.

Sync data with CRM Integrations

PipeDrive integration
Salesforce integration
Hubspot integration
Gainsight Integration
Totango Integration
Meeting transcript analysis - Capture and Analyse Every Interaction

Record and analyze sales calls to find coaching opportunities

MeetRecord integrates with your calendar and meeting tool to automatically join and record your sales calls. 

The recording is transcribed and analyzed to find keywords, monologue duration, and talk-to-listen ratio to find coaching opportunities that you can use to evaluate and upskill your team.

Objectively evaluate your team’s performance

Setup keyword trackers to identify important segments in the call, find specific areas of improvement, and track the implementation of coaching programs.

Use scorecards to evaluate sales conversations objectively and to share feedback on the performance.
Meeting analytics
Deal intelligence  for meetings - Make Better Data-driven Decisions

Drive better collaboration using snippets and playlists

Capture the voice of the customer by sharing snippets and transcripts of the conversation directly with your team.

Collaborate better within your team and with customer success, marketing, or product teams using custom notes and meeting minutes.
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