3 ways how to record a Google Meet call

Straight up, there are three ways your can record a Google Meet call:

#1 Use Google's in-built recording to record Google meet calls

Google built-in recording feature is available only for Google workspace and not for all users. That means educators, premium individuals and company accounts will have access to recording feature.

Are you on Google workspace?

If yes, then you have the option to record your meeting within Google.

  • Google recording will save the active speaker, files shared, screen sharing and chats. It will not record captions.
  • Max durations of meeting recorded is 8 hours
  • Meeting will saved in your My Drive > Meet Recordings folder
  • You will be notified over email when the recording is ready, you can share recording with others
  • You cannot record a Google meet from android app or apple app
  • You have to be meeting host to record the meeting

If you are NOT on google workspace, then you can’t use Google’s built in recording feature of Google meet.

#2 Use conversation intelligence tools to record Google meet calls

There are conversation intelligence tools that go a step beyond call recording. They help you with transcription,

If you looking recording and transcription only

  • Help you with call recording
  • Store call recordings at a central location
  • Get call transcription

Top note take tools to record Google Meet:

If you looking only for an intelligent tool for your customer calls

  • Get call recording and transcription
  • Create snippets and share with teams or prospects
  • Notetaker to attend your calls across tools like google meet, Zoom, MS teams
  • Get talk to listen ratio, question asked and detailed call analysis
  • Coach team at the right point
  • Score cards to measure and track employee performance
  • Know winning pattern and implement it across your team
  • Get call highlights to call to actions
  • Know which account needs your attention

Top intelligent tools to sales teams to record and analyze Goole Meet calls:

 MeetRecord - Accelerate Coaching for Revenue TeamsCapture intelligence from sales and CS calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster.

#3 Use screen recorder to record Google meet calls

Screenrecord is more of a hack to record your meeting. There are plenty free and paid tools which can help you record your meeting but be vary when you use them . They can drain your battery pretty quickly and take up a lot of memory space in your hard drive.

Top screen recording tools to record Google Meet:

For PC / Macbook

Movavi Screen Recorder
Icecream Screen Recorder

For phone

AZ Screen Recorder
Kimcy929 Screen Recorder
Super Screen Recorder
TechSmith Capture
Record It


By google account

If you are on a Google's free plan

- Use conversation intelligence tool or screen recording tools to record Google meet calls

If you are on Google's workspace

- Use google’s in-built tool if you are the host
- User conversation intelligence tools like MeetRecord that works with Google Meet

By account type

If you have a limited personal use

- If you are doing less than 10 meetings in a month use google’s inbuilt recording tool or screen recording tool
- If you are doing more than 10 meetings in a month use tools like otter.ai

If you are a growing business

- Use tool like MeetRecord to keep a record of your customer calls, coach team better and close deals faster

If you are a large company

- Use tools like Gong.io or Chorus.ai

By use case

If you are recording Google meet calls to keep a record

- Use Google’s in-built recording or any conversation intelligence tool

If you are recording Google meet calls to run your project better

- Use conversation intelligence tool like Otter.ai and Fireflies.ai
- Use it across team so you don’t miss out on any calls

If you are recording Google meet calls for team members to listen and learn

- Use MeetRecord.com, it allows best access management for your calls.

If you are recording Google meet calls to unravel insights from customer calls

- Use MeetRecord.com or Gong.ai to have a deep analysis of your calls

If you are recording Google meet calls to coach team better

- Use MeetRecord.com or Gong.ai
- Ask and give feedback at exact moments

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