10 Best Conversation Intelligence Software 2024

Krishnan Kaushik
June 24, 2024

Conversation is at the heart of any successful business. Knowing what to say and when to listen can significantly impact your interactions and, eventually, your bottom line. However, measuring this without a clear benchmark can be daunting for any growing organization and this is where the concept of conversation intelligence comes into play. This is particularly true as there are over 122 conversation intelligence software programs in the market.

Every conversation intelligence software has its own pros and cons; some are enterprise-ready, and others are good early-stage startups. However, most organizations need a solution with which they can scale and the tool can seamlessly adapt to their needs and processes.

The Best Conversation Intelligence Software

  1. MeetRecord
  2. Gong
  3. Clari Copilot
  4. Chorus
  5. Avoma
  6. Salesloft
  7. Otter.ai
  8. Fireflies.ai
  9. Jiminny
  10. Fathom

What Makes the Best Conversational Intelligence Platform?

Conversation Intelligence Software fundamentally changes the way teams engage and operate. At its core, it records all team meetings and conversations, converting them into accurate transcripts. 

These transcripts are then analyzed by sophisticated algorithms or AI to extract actionable insights. This process aims to enhance the performance of sales and customer service teams by providing them with data-driven strategies for improvement.

Now on top of this the best conversation intelligence platforms offer a wide array of integrations that significantly boost productivity, These include seamless connections with CRM systems, email platforms, and chat services, among many others. These integrations facilitate a smoother workflow, allowing users to leverage the full potential of their existing tools alongside their conversation intelligence software.

When we talk about the best conversation intelligence software for businesses of all sizes, we are considering applications that embody the essence of conversation intelligence. 

This means they're not only tailored to various niches but are also robust enough to perform the core functions expected of top-tier platforms. Our selection isn't based on pricing; instead, we prioritize quality, ensuring we recommend software that delivers exceptional results regardless of cost.

Here’s what the ideal Conversation Intelligence Platform offers:

  • Ease of Use: The software should be straightforward to implement and intuitive for users, allowing them to take necessary actions with little to no guidance.
  • Recording and Transcripts: At a minimum, the conversational intelligence software should record conversations and provide accurate transcripts, ensuring important details are captured for future reference.
  • Conversation Analysis: It should provide detailed analytics of conversations, including talk ratios, customer engagement levels, and total call durations, enabling better understanding and improvements.
  • Keyword Identification: After analyzing transcriptions, the software must effectively identify key words and themes that are critical for understanding customer needs and responses.
  • Seamless Automation: The ability to integrate smoothly with CRM systems and automate data transfers is essential for enhancing productivity and allowing teams to concentrate on strategic activities rather than manual data handling.
Software Best For Market for
MeetRecord Detailed conversation insights and Sales Coaching Mid-market to Enterprise
Gong Revenue intelligence Enterprise
Clari Copilot Sales forecasting Enterprise
Chorus Conversation insights Enterprise
Avoma Automated meeting summaries Enterprise
Salesloft Sales engagement and efficiency Enterprise
Otter.ai Note taking SMBs
Fireflies.ai Automated note-taking SMBs
Jiminny Coaching and performance development SMBs
Fathom Note taking SMBs

1.) MeetRecord 

MeetRecord Overview

MeetRecord stands out as a modern conversation intelligence platform, offering comprehensive tools to empower your revenue team with detailed insights. Unlike traditional auto-transcription methods, MeetRecord goes the extra mile by providing key moments that shed light on what occurred during meetings.

Tailored for sales coaching, it continuously enhances your sales team's performance with each call. Its unique ability to meticulously assess each stage of the sales cycle distinguishes it and helps organizations steer clear of potential deal derailments.

Where MeetRecord Stands Out

Intuitive by design, MeetRecord is easy to deploy and adopt, facilitating deal acceleration and sales coaching efforts. In addition to highlighting key meeting moments, it offers a balanced view of conversation pros and cons.

The platform also features built-in templates for various purposes, enhancing user experience. For leaders, MeetRecord provides comprehensive insights and deal health metrics, aiding in effective deal prioritization.

MeetRecord Pros 

  • Combines deal intelligence and sales coaching in one user-friendly tool
  • Easy to use and onboard, enabling quick action on tracked deals
  • Real-time deal tracking capabilities for proactive decision-making
  • AI trained extensively for Mid-market and Professional Services use-cases like consulting, financial, law services, and more
  • Suitable for both growing organizations and enterprises
  • ROI of ~511% with a payback period of less than 5 months.

MeetRecord Cons

  • It’s not built for just Note taking purposes
  • Not for individual contributors, only for teams
  • Free version is not available

2.) Gong 

Gong Overview 

Gong empowers organizations to delve deeply into customer interactions and enhance their communications with prospects throughout the sales lifecycle.

It features one of the best analytics platforms, known as conversation analytics, which enables companies to define and optimize their sales strategies and plan for the future.

Where Gong Stands Out

Gong provides you with deal and market intelligence data. Having been in the business for a long time, it has the capability to integrate with almost any enterprise application you might know.

Gong Pros

  • Provides easy integration with most of the sales tech stack.
  • Offers sales forecasts and in-depth revenue insights.

Gong Cons

  • Complex application to begin with, which might be challenging for professionals who are unfamiliar with conversation intelligence.
  • Needs a dedicated team of at least 2 members to manage the software effectively.
  • Not well-suited for growing and mid-market companies. Services not prioritized for them.
  • Often, not all features are utilized, yet companies end up paying for them.
  • The time to go live may be longer than usual. Average around 3 to 6 months.

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3.) Clari Copilot

Clari Overview 

Carl Copilot utilizes AI to derive useful sales insights and make sense of all data, enabling sales leaders with forecasts that help organizations strategize more effectively.

Where Clari Stands out

Clari Copilot tracks and analyzes sales deals throughout their lifecycle and ensures that sales cadences align with the organization's set standards. Its capabilities include sales forecasting, sales scorecards, and assessments of sales pipeline health.

Clari Pros

  • Offers out-of-the-box integration with some of the leading CRMs.
  • Provides sales forecasting capabilities to predict the efficacy of deals in the pipeline.

Clari Cons 

  • Sales coaching is not prioritized.
  • More difficult to deploy compared to other intuitive solutions in the market.
  • Expensive for small or growing teams who need to make a significant impact with limited resources.
  • Often clubbed and needs to be bought as part of the Clari bundle.

4.) Chorus


Chorus Overview 

Chorus is designed not only for sales professionals but also for customer success teams. It offers automated meeting transcripts and analyzes them to provide a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions. Chorus goes beyond traditional conversation intelligence platforms, empowering organizations with in-depth insights into the customer lifecycle.

Where Chorus Stands Out

Chorus is an excellent tool for companies that use Zoom as part of their application suite, thanks to its seamless integration and improved data accessibility. Its customer-first approach makes it the go-to option for customer success and solutions teams.

Chorus Pros 

  • Easy integration with Zoom and other prominent applications.
  • Provides real-time insights into customer conversations.
  • Acts as a catalyst for upselling if you have multiple product offerings.

Chorus Cons 

  • AI capabilities may not meet the needs of enterprise-level companies.
  • Often bundled with ZoomInfo, which can affect pricing if you are not part of that ecosystem.
  • It is not suitable for SMBs and mid-market companies, as more affordable options with better features are available.
  • Often clubbed and needs to be bought as part of the Zoominfo bundle, which is quite expensive

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5.) Avoma

Avoma Overview 

Avoma is an AI meeting assistant that helps sales reps and other individual contributors streamline and optimize their meetings.

It excels as an AI note-taking assistant, providing automated meeting transcripts and accurate summaries.

Where Avoma Stands Out

Avoma enables seamless follow-up actions immediately after your meetings. It provides clear, immediate next steps, enhancing clarity and recall for users of the platform.

Avoma Pros 

  • User-friendly and easy to implement.
  • Provides excellent meeting analytics and insights.
  • Features automated note-taking powered by AI.
  • Well-suited for small teams.

Avoma Cons 

  • Not as comprehensive as other Conversation Intelligence Tools.
  • Although built for small teams, it remains a costly option.
  • Onboarding may take more time than expected given the features offered.

6.) Salesloft

Salesloft Overview 

Salesloft is a comprehensive sales tool that falls under the category of sales engagement. It ensures seamless sales processes, with a particular focus on sales communication.

What makes Salesloft Stand Out

Salesloft is an enterprise-ready solution that enhances sales engagement. With its advanced automation capabilities, it simplifies complex processes quickly and act as a robust solution for the sales teams.

Salesloft Pros 

  • Superior automation that simplifies complex processes
  • Detailed analytics platform to track sales engagement and measure its efficacy

Salesloft Cons


  • Expensive relative to the features it offers
  • Requires time for the end user to adapt and fully leverage this tool

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7.) Otter.ai

Otter.ai Overview 

Otter AI provides real-time transcripts across different devices and seamlessly integrates with most video conferencing software.

Users can edit, highlight key moments, and search for crucial terms used in meetings.

Where Otter.ai Stands Out

Otter.ai is designed for individuals, offering real-time transcriptions that focus on the social aspect of collaboration. It enables different contributors to edit, comment, and highlight, making collaboration easy within small teams.

Otter.ai Pros 

  • Designed for journalists, legal professionals, and content creators
  • Real-time transcriptions at your fingertips
  • Affordable option for meeting transcripts

Otter.ai Cons 

  • Not suitable for growing companies or enterprise use
  • Lacks deal intelligence and AI coaching capabilities
  • Not a comprehensive tool for sales and customer success teams

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8.) Fireflies.ai

Fireflies Overview:

Fireflies is a tool that specializes in auto-transcripts, allowing you to store all your meetings in one place and review them at your convenience.

It also enables you to highlight key points in the meeting and provides automated short summaries of the call, saving time by eliminating the need to watch the entire meeting again.

Where Fireflies Stands Out:

Fireflies boasts a feature called Usecase, which allows professionals to customize the application to their specific requirements.

For example, if you are from an education background, it assists you in taking notes. However, if you are from customer success, it focuses on understanding your customers' needs and provides insights accordingly.

Fireflies Pros:

  • Excellent speech filtering and recognition capabilities
  • Ability to identify specific terms using search capabilities
  • Option to create specific categories to stay organized
  • Particularly beneficial for startups

Fireflies Cons:

  • Meeting replay functionality could be improved
  • Deal intelligence is not as effective as with other tools
  • Not suitable for mid-market to enterprise-grade organizations

9.) Jiminny

Jiminny Overview:

Jiminny is a coaching-focused conversational intelligence platform that empowers sales enablement leaders with insights to delve into customer interactions.

It also integrates with prominent productivity and CRM tools.

Where Jiminny Stands Out:

While many conversation intelligence software tools focus on providing insights to sales leaders and recommendations to close deals, Jiminny stands out as a tool that prioritizes sales coaching.

It provides sales professionals with proper recommendations and playbooks, adding value not only during the current sales cycle but also offering opportunities for ongoing improvement.

Jiminny Pros:

  • Coaching-first conversational intelligence software
  • Ideal for sales enablement professionals and sales leaders

Jiminny Cons:

  • Not suitable for startups
  • It may require time for implementation and user onboarding
  • AI Coaching or advanced analytics features are not well-covered

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10.) Fathom

Fathom Overview:

Fathom is a video-focused conversation intelligence platform that offers detailed insights for sales and marketing teams, consolidating all their conversations in one central location.

Where Fathom Stands Out:

Fathom distinguishes itself by integrating with a variety of social video platforms like YouTube and supporting video hosting platforms such as Vimeo. Users can export data and drill down further if necessary. The affordability of the entire package makes it stand out, catering to organizations of any size.

Fathom Pros:

  • Seamless integration with all major video hosting platforms
  • Ideal for growing companies and startups
  • It helps prevent analysis paralysis
  • Created for generic use-cases like hiring, daily internal meetings, etc.

Fathom Cons:

  • Provides limited data compared to other conversation intelligence tools
  • Not suitable for growing or enterprise-grade companies
  • Lacks coaching and deal-intelligence-related features & capabilities

What is the best conversation intelligence software?

With more and more apps popping up in the conversational intelligence platform category, it's easy to feel lost in the sea of choices. Even though we have our own tool in this category, we've tried to stay neutral and give you helpful info to pick what's best for your organization.

Choosing the right platform can be tricky, but with the insights we've shared, you'll have a better idea of what works for you. Whether you need better sales analysis, coaching features, or smooth integration with your other tools, you're in control of making the right choice.

Gain the Most from Your Conversations with MeetRecord

MeetRecord stands out as it is designed to enhance the quality and outcome of your business interactions.

By offering detailed insights into conversation dynamics and actionable feedback, MeetRecord helps teams optimize their communication strategies, ensure better engagement, and drive meaningful results.

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