Gong vs Chorus vs MeetRecord: Which is Better?

June 22, 2023

So, you want your team to capture conversational intelligence and maybe even meeting intelligence insights, but you have reached a crossroad – You just aren’t sure which tool to commit to. 

With so many features, and so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right one, especially when it's your first time searching for a tool that can help with sales coaching. 

We are here to make the entire decision process easy for you by comparing the three popular platforms in this category – Gong.ai, Chorus.ai, and MeetRecord.

Let's take a look at Gong vs Chorus vs MeetRecord to see which one comes out as the clear winner (Hint: It might be the underdog)

What is Gong.io?

Gong.io positions itself as a revenue intelligence platform that helps sales teams transform conversations into valuable data and insights. 

So what type of software is Gong? It does the same things as a conversational intelligence platform, but along with it, the platform also offers marketing data. 

Though, Gong’s revenue intelligence features aren’t fully developed yet. Its features and uses go just a little beyond a typical conversational intelligence platform and that’s it.

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What is Chorus.ai?

Chorus.ai is a conversational intelligence platform that uses AI to transform data retrieved from sales conversations into valuable insights. Through its sales coaching features, it actively records, transcribes, and analyzes data to help sales teams better understand their prospects. 

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What is MeetRecord?

MeetRecord is essentially a meeting intelligence and conversational intelligence platform that helps both sales and customer-facing teams in capturing insights from video calls, implementing real-world sales coaching, and closing deals at a faster pace.

The platform’s goal is to help teams increase their win-rate, grow their sales pipeline, and reduce onboarding time through detailed meeting insights. 

MeetRecord goes beyond just conversational intelligence and offers features like:

  • Storing, transcribing, and analyzing video calls
  • Allowing you to share and analyze parts of recordings securely 
  • Offering robust sales coaching for teams
  • Identifying top performers so you can replicate your wins, every time
  • Reducing Zoom fatigue by doing all the grunt work for you

Comparing Gong vs Chorus vs MeetRecord

Call recording and transcription


Gong integrates with a wide number of web conferencing tools, VOIP systems, and CRM software to make it easier for you to record your sales calls. 

All the call recordings are stored on Gong’s server, allowing you to listen to them or watch them anytime. 


Chorus.ai can also record calls and transcribe them in real-time using artificial intelligence. It can identify multiple speakers present in the same room and also detect new topics, including both positive and negative hits.

You can share the full call recordings with your team or just snippets of the key moments for sales coaching. The platform provides key metrics like the number of filler words used and the talk-to-listen ratios.


MeetRecord is primarily a Meeting Intelligence tool, so call recording and analyzing is what it does best. It can record and transcribe conversations from your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings.

It uses AI to analyze online meetings and customer behavior in order to drive sales and boost your bottom line.

One of the most unique features of MeetRecord is its dedicated call library which stores all of the recorded conversations along with their respective analysis that you can access anytime or share with your team.

There are two ways to record meetings on MeetRecord:

1- Give MeetRecord the permission to access your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet recordings to derive insights

2- Allow the MeetRecord notetaker to join the call and record your conversation. You can then view recordings and insights in the Call Library

Analytics and market intelligence


Gong provides three factors as part of its Revenue Intelligence platform, which includes:

  • Deal Intelligence: It identifies all the churn signals and understands your pipeline
  • People Intelligence: It discovers what your sales representatives are doing best and how the others can replicate winning behavior
  • Market Intelligence: It helps gain insights into the market situation and in turn, allows companies to build a more fitting go-to-market strategy


With Chorus vs Gong, the former can help measure how often certain features of your products get mentioned in your conversations and how they affect conversions, so you always know which conversations to focus on. It can also track how often your competitors get mentioned in your conversation with prospects and at what stage.


MeetRecord effectively analyzes online meetings to understand customer behavior and what drives your prospects to close a deal. Apart from AI-driven transcriptions, the platform can also identify the main topics of conversation and divide the entire transcript according to the different topics.

More importantly, by compiling the different call recordings together, MeetRecord can quickly identify the top performers in your sales teams and what they do differently, so the rest of the team can replicate their sales tactics.

You can also get an integrated view of all the deals together, segmented according to which ones have been more successful than the others, along with the reasons behind their success. 

The analytics on MeetRecord are divided into the following categories:

  • Conversation Skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Deal Intelligence 
  • Market Intelligence

Sales coaching


Gong provides data-based insights for each sales recording to make coaching better. It allows you to view different metrics like topic duration, talk ratio, and question rate for every call. It also gives more visibility into the different behaviors and topics that sales representatives struggle with which in turn helps managers to identify what soft and hard skills their team needs to improve on in order to win more deals. 

Managers can spot patterns for all representatives, find team trends, and identify critical areas for coaching.


Chorus uses its AI-driven analytics and intelligence to highlight the best coaching moments for each sales representative and in turn helps them with self-coaching.


MeetRecord provides data-driven recommendations for every sales representative so the managers know how exactly their team can thrive. Similar to Gong, MeetRecord also allows you to get visibility into the different behaviors and topics that sales reps struggle with in order to improve your sales techniques. 

Managers can comment or give feedback to sales team members from right within the platform. It's also possible to create playlists of calls on a particular topic to make sales coaching all the more easier and allow your sales rep to better understand how to handle topics they struggle with.

Third-party integration


Since Gong is an enterprise platform, it integrates with a wide variety of apps including Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, and more. 


Chorus is also an enterprise platform and it supports integrations with all the major video conferencing and CRM tools including Google Meet, Zoom, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams 


Since MeetRecord is primarily a Meeting Intelligence platform, it connects with all the popular meeting tools including Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It also integrates with CRM tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive (soon), Saleforce (soon)

With a lean team that is always focusing on growing and creating lasting relationships with its customers, they are also open to adding new integrations if they receive a request for it. 

Ease of use


With so many features, Gong’s interface can also seem overwhelming at first and it will definitely require a longer learning curve for your team to get comfortable with it. It may even seem too complex and bloated to be used as a sales intelligence tool.


Chorus.ai’s features are also comprehensive and it has the same problem as Gong.ai. Too many features end up complicating the interface and decreasing the overall ease of use, making it difficult to even perform the easiest tasks quickly.


MeetRecord has a simple and straightforward interface which leads to great ease of access. It is easy to set up and start using from the get-go. While the team is always ready to help their customers with product demos and walkthroughs, it won’t take long for your sales reps to get the hang of the platform and start using it with little to no guidance. 

Revenue Intelligence vs Conversational Intelligence vs Meeting Intelligence: What’s the right choice? 

When it comes to deciding between Gong.ai vs Chorus.ai vs MeetRecord, the right answer depends on what you are looking for. 


As we discussed above, Gong might be positioning itself as a revenue intelligence tool but it's not truly there, at least not yet. In order to become a complete revenue intelligence tool, it needs to also track several marketing functions, but those features aren’t available just yet.

It seems like the only main reason why Gong.ai has positioned itself as a revenue intelligence platform is that they wanted to differentiate themselves from Chorus.ai. While it's headed in the right direction, it still cannot follow through on its claims.


The difference between Chorus and Gong is that the former continues to position itself as a conversational intelligence platform. But it is similar to Gong.ai in the sense that it goes beyond conversational intelligence in many ways. 

Both Gong.ai and Chorus.ai are enterprise-level platforms that are meant for large teams who want to do way more than just meeting analytics and conversational AI. This positioning also reflects in their high pricing.


MeetRecord is the new kid on the block that has already garnered a lot of attention in a short span of time.

While Gong.ai and Chorus.ai are meant for enterprises with huge budgets and requirements, MeetRecord fills the gap by offering paid plans that would fit in the budget of most startups and mid-market companies.

It is perfect for teams that do not want to spend hefty money paying for extra features that they might never even use.

More importantly, the platform is built for different use cases and not just for sales teams. It can also help product teams and customer success teams in capturing intelligence for every online meeting. 

Since the MeetRecord team is small, they are superbly flexible in accommodating any requests or customizations. 



Gong.ai does not openly share its pricing. The company offers custom price quotes to everyone. On average, it costs about $5000 base price + $1200 per user per year.


Chorus.ai is also not transparent about pricing on their website and you have to specifically contact them in order to get an accurate number, but you can expect the pricing to be around  $1400 per user per year minimum


Paid plans start at just $708 per user per year.

MeetRecord pricing

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MeetRecord – The best meeting intelligence platform

When comparing the features and more importantly, the pricing, MeetRecord stands as the clear winner as the best meeting intelligence platform out there in the Gong vs Chorus vs MeetRecord debate. While Gong and Chorus may have more features, they also cost over thousands of dollars and come with numerous features that you might not even use. 

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