Gong alternatives: The ultimate comparison guide

May 31, 2024

Picking the right conversation intelligence tool is one of the best investments you can make for your business, especially for customer-facing teams. And when it comes to conversation intelligence, one name comes to mind: Gong. As the clear market leader in the space, Gong has consistently found new ways to drive value for sales teams. 

This page compares Gong alternatives in the market to see which of them combines the best of what Gong has to offer, while fitting into, and making business sense for you, so that you can make decision on the tool you could use for your organization.

Top 5 Gong alternatives compared

A viable Gong alternative needs to 

  • Ensure visibility into customer-facing conversations
  • Identify business intelligence from it – blockage points, key objections, competitor mentions, etc.
  • Identify and track sales reps’ performance  – identifying top, average, and struggling performers 
  • Facilitate sales coaching with insights, structure, and systems/processes
  • Support faster onboarding of team members and ensure consistency in customer conversations 

Our roundup of top five Gong alternatives includes 

Gong alternatives: A Detailed Comparison

You can also download the PDF guide here--- > Download PDF and Excel

Along with the ones mentioned here , Gong has 7 different alternatives we have covered all of them in our Gong Alternatives article here.

On Value-prop

Gong Chorus Avoma ExecVision Copilot by Clari (earlier Wingman) MeetRecord
Value proposition Revenue intelligence Conversation Intelligence for sales teams AI Meeting Assistance with Conversation Intelligence Improving Sales by Improving Your Sellers Conversation intelligence with real-time coaching Capturing intelligence from video calls and implementing real-world coaching to close deals faster
Customer focus High-end Enterprise Enterprise and Mid-Market Mid-market Mid-market Enterprise SMB and Mid-market
Designed for Sales/CS/Marketing Sales/CS All All Sales/CS Sales/CS

On Intelligence

Gong Chorus Avoma ExecVision Copilot by Clari (earlier Wingman) MeetRecord
Meeting intelligence capabilities - Recording
- Transcription
- Analysis
- Insights
- Native Zoom integration
- Recording, - Alerts with coaching & deal recommendations

- Recording -Transcription
- Collaborative note-taking- AI-generated notes & topics
- Call recording- Transcription- Real time trend alerts for activity, keywords, phrases - Recording
- Call summary and highlights- Real-time cue cards
- Call summary
- Competitor intelligence
- Snippet creation and sharing
- CRM automation

- In-line commenting and labelling
- Advanced Analytics
- Ask AI question
- Deal summary after every meeting
- Deal summary updated after every meeting
- Deal winning/lost/cold probability with recommendations
People Intelligence
Performance and patterns like
Talk ratio Talk duration Question rate
Visibility into skill performance and rep activities Talk patterns of reps - Talk-listen ratios- Sharing, annotating, voting - Spots winning sales behaviors and correlations between variables like objection handling and the final outcome.
- Customizable scoring
- Individual performance tracking
- Strength and weakness recognition
- Talk:listen to ratio
- Monologue duration

Sales coaching Manager-led coachingPeer coaching
Smart Playlists (based on criteria or keyword mentions. Curated playlists - Conversation libraries
- Performance scorecards
- Game tapes
- Call scorecards
- Custom coaching reports
- AI-based review & recommendations
- Individual performance tracking
- Strength and weakness recognition
- Auto call Libraries and courses
- Tracking course completion
- Support for peer learning

On pricing

Gong Chorus Avoma ExecVision Copilot by Clari (earlier Wingman) MeetRecord
Trial or demo Demo Demo Free trial and Demo Demo Demo Free trial and demo
Pricing Estimated $5000 base price + $1400/user/year Estimated $1400 per user/year minimum given the minimum license requirement Starts at $948/user/year for similar features Starts at $1200/user/year Starts at $1080/year/rep for similar features
billed annually
Starts at $588/user/year for advanced AI features

Gong Alternatives: A Snapshot Comparison

What does Gong do?

Gong’s platform automatically captures and analyzes customer-facing conversations to deliver insights at scale that help sales teams increase win rates and improve strategic decision-making. The platform becomes smarter as it refines learnings by analyzing more data. 

In essence, it helps sales teams generate more revenue by having better sales conversations.

Gong’s core value proposition: What should you look for in a viable Gong alternative?

Gong helps you

  • Get visibility into all sales conversations so you identify issues early and improve win rates
  • Make data-driven coaching recommendations
  • Identify best practices, behaviors, and talk tracks to boost quota attainment
  • Coach and onboard new sales rep faster 

Gong itself puts all the above into 3 buckets

  • Deals and Forecasting
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Initiatives which usually includes process and training programs.

Source: Gong.io

Why SMBs and startups are looking for Gong alternatives

Post-2020, companies have realized the potential in conversational intelligence, given the rise in remote work and the increased usage of tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. 

And while Gong is often the first name that comes to mind, start-ups and mid-market organizations are finding that Gong may not be the best fit for them. Gong’s clear focus on enterprise customers in its features, pricing, and positioning is a big reason for this.

We also have a detailed analysis of Gong reviews for you to check out: 300 latest Gong G2 review analyzed 

So, if you are a start-up or a mid-market company looking to make conversational intelligence work for you, here are the key challenges with adopting Gong

  • Pricing
  • Minimum seat requirements
  • Customizations and flexibility 
  • Feature overload (making onboarding and navigation a challenge) 

This brings us to the next part – what to consider when you’re evaluating Gong alternatives.

Questions to consider while comparing Gong alternatives 

1. Product functionality

  • Does it cover Gong’s key features and functionalities?
  • Which integrations does it support? 
  • What is the level of flexibility and customizability you get?
  • Do you need all the features it offers?

2. Pricing

  • Does it have a free plan? 
  • Do you need to pay a base price? Is there a minimum platform fee?
  • Is the pricing flexible and transparent?

3. Ease of use

  • Is the tool hard to set up and implement?
  • Do you need a dedicated manager to manage/administrate/train?
  • Is there a trial option?

Based on these simple evaluation criteria, we’ve put together a detailed Gong alternatives comparison to help you.

Feature comparison: How alternatives fare against Gong

1. Core conversation intelligence features 

All five Gong alternatives offer recording, transcription, and analysis of all calls. 

The below solutions stand out for these reasons

  1. Avoma and MeetRecord for collaboration features like note-taking and in-line commenting (which Gong doesn’t offer). These features are critical for fast-growing teams.
  2. Wingman for its contextual live cue cards or battle cards for real-time assistance


  • If you need core intelligence features that you can extend to other teams, opt for MeetRecord or Avoma. 
  • If you want an enterprise-grade solution, opt for Chorus. You’d need some support to get started, and could start seeing within a year.

2. Sales coaching 

Chorus, Wingman, and MeetRecord show a clear sales coaching focus in the design and UI. 

Chorus’s scorecards and coaching cards have great reviews on G2, as do Wingman’s coaching and performance-tracking features.

MeetRecord, a fast-growing player, in the space, integrates coaching into its user experience seamlessly for smaller companies and teams. This means that whether it is to coach individuals or teams, track their performance and improvement, or launch custom coaching initiatives or courses, you can use MeetRecord helps you build a solid coaching program – at any stage of your journey.


  • If you’re looking for an enterprise or mid-market solution for sales coaching, Chorus is an easy choice.
  • If you’re a startup or SMB, MeetRecord offers a simple way to get started, and ramp up sales coaching.

3. Ease of use and adoption

One of the biggest reasons companies look for Gong alternatives is the learning curve associated with it. For Gong to work effectively, you need to invest in training teams for best practices and staying on top of the latest features and changes. 

If you are an SMB or mid-market, the platform in its entirety is most likely overkill for your use case.

Avoma and MeetRecord are easy to start with, and offer free trials for you to gauge how the platform works for you. Additionally, both solutions have support teams to assist at every stage of your adoption journey – something that’s not guaranteed in the case of bigger players like Gong and Chorus.


  • If you’re just getting started with a conversation intelligence tool, but don't want to limit yourself to just transcription and call summaries, opt for MeetRecord.
  • It has a free trial, as well as monthly payment options without a minimum user requirement. This means that you can try the product, onboard as few or as many users as you like, and decide if the solution works for your context.

4. Customization and flexibility for integrations 

All five Gong alternatives offer integrations with most tools in the enterprise and mid-market ecosystem.

A special mention of Wingman and MeetRecord which are designed to support integrations with tools in the small business ecosystem (such as Pipedrive and Hubspot). MeetRecord also promises a dedicated support manager and 24x7 support, and has a 5-star rating on G2 for customer support. 


Fast-growing teams need to make new tools work in their dynamic workflows instead of the other way around. If you fall in this category, solutions like MeetRecord and Wingman offer you a higher scope of customization and flexibility. Talk to their teams to find a model that works best for your team’s unique needs.

5. Pricing and trials 

When you visit the websites of enterprise solutions like Gong and Chorus, there’s no straightforward way for you to see the pricing they offer. 

This means that you need to go through an enterprise-style qualification process to even understand if the product makes sense for you.

Solutions like MeetRecord and Avoma have completely transparent pricing, and a free trial, to help you decide. 

To give you a sense of pricing, you could be spending

  • $1200/user/annum with Chorus
  • $200/user/annum with Avoma – but with an annual upfront commitment
  • $59/user/month with MeetRecord (a flexible monthly commitment is available)

Wrapping up

Here’s our TLDR version.

  1. If you need an enterprise-grade conversation intelligence solution that’s closest to Gong,
    Chorus.ai is your best bet, with customers like Zoom, Hubspot, LinkedIn, etc. 
  2. If you want to have a specialized tool for sales conversation intelligence, but want a lower price, we recommend:

    MeetRecord for high-quality conversation intelligence with people intelligence and sales coaching functionalities. It offers a free plan with up to 50 meetings per month and paid plan starting at $59 per month – with an option to commit on a monthly basis.
  1. If you are a startup or small and medium business company, Wingman and MeetRecord are designed just for you. 

Wingman has its standout battle cards feature while MeetRecord's integrated sales coaching and SMB-friendly customer service make it a compelling option.

MeetRecord: A Gong alternative for SMBs and startups

MeetRecord is designed to be a conversation intelligence platform designed for fast-growing sales and customer-facing teams. Though not a pureplay revenue intelligence platform like Gong, it offers Gong’s key features to 

  • uncover insights for sales teams 
  • ensure visibility into every sales conversation
  • provide coaching opportunities through an inbuilt coaching module, 

… at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, it’s the only Gong alternative for small businesses that currently offers a monthly payment option.

You can get started with a free plan, and switch to paid plans starting at $19/rep/month. 

MeetRecord is an excellent choice if you want to make the most of Gong’s best features at a far more affordable price and with far more flexibility.

See how you can take the best of what Gong offers to your customer-facing teams to help activate sales better, and faster.

Download your PDF copy of the Gong Alternatives: comparison guide

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