Gong vs Wingman Compared: The complete guide

May 18, 2024

Wingman – or Wingman by Clari after its 2022 acquisition by Clari – has some great features that make it a compelling sales intelligence and coaching tool. But how do its features compare to Gong's? We put together a detailed Wingman vs Gong comparison guide that looks at 

  • Gong and Wingman’s core features  
  • Their pricing models, and
  • User reviews for Gong and Wingman

...so you can ultimately make the right choice for your business.

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Wingman vs Gong: 3 Questions to ask yourself to make a proper comparison

1. Do you fall into the enterprise, mid-market, or SMB segment?
(This will influence/determine the core functionalities you need, as well as your budget)

2. Is the tool easy to introduce and adopt in your context?
(If not, you may need to invest in training and onboarding)

3. Is the pricing flexible and transparent?

(Is there a free or trial plan? Are there any minimum usage requirements or fees?)

This Wingman vs Gong comparison considers these aspects so you can make an informed decision.

Gong vs Wingman Comparison: Feature, Functionality, and Pricing

Here is a quick look at the conversation intelligence, coaching, and collaboration features that Gong and Wingman offer.

(Gong vs Wingman comparison)

In the next section, we take a detailed look at how Gong and Wingman compare on these parameters.

1. Meeting Intelligence, Meeting Management, and Conversation Intelligence

Wingman and Gong offer comprehensive AI-based call transcription and summarizing capabilities. Wingman, however, has a real-time aspect to this – if you use the Wingman desktop app, you can add bookmarks on an ongoing call.

On the collaboration front, both support sharing snippets of key moments of calls via MS Teams or Slack. Wingman has one feature that deserves a special mention though – it gives you notifications when a shared call is viewed. This means you know when to follow up with your managers/peers.

2. Revenue intelligence 

Gong has a strong focus on pipeline visibility, management, and forecast intelligence. 

(Gong’s pipeline visibility and forecasting)

Wingman, on the other hand, has a dashboard (Deal Central) that lets you view and track all your deals in one place as well as catch any potential risks.

(Wingman’s pipeline visibility)

3. Email Intelligence

While Wingman analyzes email conversations to give sales managers and sales reps a complete picture, Gong stands out in its intelligence and recommendations.

(Gong’s email intelligence in action)

4. Sales Coaching

Gong’s experience with some of the most competitive businesses in the world. This reflects in how well its sales coaching functionality is designed.

It has topic audits and personalized recommendations for sales reps, so it works equally well for self-learning and manager-led sales coaching.  It also surfaces success drivers and coaching moments across calls, emails, conference calls, and more.

To help managers be more efficient in sales coaching, it has automatic notifications with recommendations (whom to coach next and on what).

(Gong’s sales coaching approach)

Wingman has a strong real-time focus in its approach to sales coaching as well. You can set up cue cards that assist sales reps with information and nudges in real time – based on what is being said in the conversation.   

(How Wingman’s real-time cue cards or battle cards work)

Another nifty feature that Wingman has is real-time monologue alerts. Visible only to the sales reps, these alerts remind the sales rep to focus on engaging the customer – say by switching focus to listening or asking questions. 

Wingman lets you set a custom threshold to trigger a monologue alert. 

(Wingman’s monologue alerts)

5. People Intelligence

Both Gong and Wingman fare equally well on this aspect – with performance analysis for sales reps. They both track key performance parameters such as talk-to-listen ratios, engagement/asking questions, and dedicated team dashboards for sales leads and managers.

Wingman’s people intelligence insights

Gong’s people intelligence in action

Both Gong and Wingman let you customize your scoring template, for different use cases. 

6. Ease of Use

Both Wingman and Gong fare similarly on ease of use, as seen in user reviews on G2 and SoftwareAdvice.

(Gong vs Wingman ease of use ratings on G2)

(Gong vs Wingman ease of use ratings on SoftwareAdvice)

If you dig deeper into Gong’s reviews on TrustRadius and G2, you can see users talking about Gong’s UI issues (it’s clunky and hard to use). Though this is most likely a result of user overwhelm. If you’re a small organization or an early-stage team, this additional complexity could be the reason for adoption issues.

7. Gong vs Wingman: Pricing Comparison

Gong does not give away its pricing on its website, You need to go through a qualification process and a sales call to uncover the pricing structure.

According to estimates, you can be expected to spend ~$5000(base price) + $1200 per user per year.

On the other hand, Wingman has transparent pricing and a tiered pricing approach with plans starting at $60/month/rep.

(Wingman’s pricing)

Additionally, with Wingman, you need to pay only for recording users (this means that marketing and product teams can listen to the voice of the customer at no cost).  

8. Gong vs Wingman: Target Audience

Here’s a look at Gong’s customer logos to get a sense of their target audience.

(Gong’s customer profile)

(Wingman’s customer profile)

Gong has a clear focus on revenue leaders in enterprise companies while Wingman, with its pricing and features, caters to mid-market organizations as well as enterprise players.

9. Wingman vs Gong: Customer Reviews 

Before we wrap things up, we take at what users have to say about Gong and Wingman. 

As of December 2022, Gong’s rating is 4.7/5 stars with 4,840 reviews while Wingman has a rating of 4.6/5 stars with 394 reviews. 

( G2 reviews: Gong vs Wingman)


We also looked at Wingman vs Gong reviews on TrustRadius and SoftwareAdvice

(Wingman vs Gong user reviews from TrustRadius)

(Wingman vs Gong user reviews from SoftwareAdvice)

Final Thoughts

We hope this comparison helps you understand how Gong and Wingman compare on the ground. 

Gong is a clear market leader in the conversation intelligence space – its AI-based notetaking, revenue intelligence, and deal forecasting capabilities make it an easy choice for enterprises. 

Wingman matches Gong on almost all the core features. It’s easy to use, has great customer reviews, and has pricing to appeal to mid-market players. The only minor drawbacks include the annual commitment (given the yearly billing model) and that it doesn’t offer a free trial. 

If you’re a startup or SMB looking for something more economical, flexible, and low-risk, we present to you, MeetRecord.

We built MeetRecord to provide SMBs and startups with the flexibility, support, and customization they need.

Like Wingman, it provides most of Gong’s conversation intelligence features so you can

  • identify revenue and customer insights from customer-facing conversations
  • get visibility into every sales conversation and every sales rep’s performance
  • implement manager-led, peer-led, and self-learning sales coaching programs with actual call recordings and personal insights

MeetRecord also offers a free plan and flexible pricing – even a monthly payment option for paid plans starting at $19/rep/month. 

Talk to us to make conversation intelligence and sales coaching work for you – with the lowest investment and maximum flexibility.

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