6 Avoma alternatives and competitors you should consider

June 22, 2023

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What is Avoma?
What is meeting assistant?
3 Reasons companies look for Avoma competitors
- Lack focus on sales teams
- Ease of use
- ROI is hard to measure

Avoma alternatives
- Avoma v/s MeetRecord
- Avoma v/s Gong
- Avoma v/s Chorus
- Avoma v/s Wingman
- Avoma v/s Fireflies
- Avoma v/s Otter


Before we dive into why you need an Avoma alternative and what you need to look for in one, let’s take a minute to set some context.

What is Avoma?

Avoma, or "A Very Organized Meeting Assistant" as it calls itself, is an AI meeting assistant and note-taking tool.

Avoma value

Avoma specifically caters to the needs of multiple teams within a company. For instance, as a recruiter, you can use Avoma to record interview calls, as a product manager to capture and store customer interviews, and as a sales rep use it to make better notes from all customer calls. 

Avoma team focus

As a meeting assistant, it is useful for all meetings –  external as well as internal. It helps you carry out meetings efficiently and smoothly  – adding value across the entire meeting lifecycle.


What Avoma offers 

Avoma’s meeting assistant software helps you get organized, be productive, collaborate with other teams, and get conversational intelligence from meetings/calls.

Avoma offering


To summarize, the benefits of a meeting assistant software like Avoma come down to:

  • Time savings – with easy-to-navigate call transcripts
  • Meeting highlights and summaries
  • A centralized call repository 
  • Overall improvement in meeting experience

3 reasons companies look for Avoma alternatives

1. Not designed for revenue teams

Avoma has an offering for all teams in the company, it is a good tool if you are looking for company-wide implementation. Being a meeting assistant tool it does not offer many functionalities which other revenue intelligence and revenue acceleration tools provide for sales teams. Where tools like Gong, and MeetRecord focus on revenue teams, Avoma lacks that focus.

2. User experience

Many customers on G2 have complained about the tool’s ease of use. Common issues include the bot not joining meetings initially, or speakers not being identified even after a voice signature is given. Though Avoma is sure to be working on these issues, it is a reason for users looking for an Avoma alternative.

3. Hard to measure ROI

Every tool you use for your company has to serve a certain purpose and deliver measurable impact so you can justify its cost. A Meeting assistant tool can help you get productive, but it can be hard to put a number to this.

7 Avoma alternatives for you to consider

Depending on exactly why customers need an Avoma alternative, we have narrowed down four use cases that need an Avoma alternative namely, revenue intelligence, sales coaching, and usage for SMBs and startups.

Avoma alternatives for Revenue Intelligence
1. Gong
2. Chorus
3. MeetRecord

Avoma alternatives for Sales Coaching:

1. Gong
2. MeetRecord
3. Wingman

Avoma alternatives for small businesses and startups

1. MeetRecord
2. Wingman

Avoma alternatives for purely meeting intelligence and note-taking

1. Fireflies
2. Otter

Let’s evaluate these Avoma alternatives in detail. 

Avoma vs MeetRecord

MeetRecord is a meeting intelligence tool for customer-facing teams. It helps capture intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching, and close deals faster. 

Top reasons why companies choose MeetRecord as an Avoma alternative:

  • Easy to use: Since it is built for busy and growing sales teams, it's short learning curve ensures that users can get started almost immediately – without any ramping up or training. It integrates with CRMs like Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc., so it fits easily into a sales team’s ecosystem.
  • Great support: On G2, MeetRecord is 5-star rated for support. This can be critical if you’re a small business or startup that needs quick turnaround times.
  • Integrated Sales coaching: Sales leaders like to know what is happening in the customer calls and how they can be improved. However, this needs a formal structure and systems in place – something most small organizations struggle to carve out time and resources for.

MeetRecord goes beyond call records and transcriptions to find winning patterns and enable you to replicate them across the team. You can listen to calls, rate a team member, give targeted and timely feedback, and track their performance.

How much does MeetRecord cost?

You can get started for free. The paid plans start from $19 per user. See MeetRecord live.

How does MeetRecord compare to Avoma?

MeetRecord is built for customer-facing teams - Sales and Customer success. This means that it goes beyond meeting assistant features like Avoma to focus on revenue coaching and team performance. 

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, MeetRecord promises round-the-clock support, with a dedicated support manager, throughout the engagement. MeetRecord can also accommodate customizations that startups need to get them off the ground as quickly and simply as possible.

Our recommendation: MeetRecord is a viable Avoma alternative if you’re a small business looking to get the conversational intelligence benefits of Avoma and sales-focused ones like analysis, insights, and sales coaching.

Avoma v/s Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform for sales teams that can transform conversations into data and insights.

How does Gong compare to Avoma? 

While Avoma aligns more with meeting assistance, Gong is positioned as a revenue intelligence tool – heavily catering to large enterprises and mature sales teams. 

Gong focuses more on actionable revenue intelligence – with its focus on people and deals with better CRM integration.

How much does Gong cost?

Starting cost for Gong is around $5000 base price + $1200 per user/year.

Our recommendation: Gong works as an Avoma alternative if you have a mature sales team and have identified that you need a strong focus on revenue intelligence. However, at a price point as steep, Gong is not a feasible alternative for a small business. 

Avoma v/s Chorus

Chorus.ai, a Zoominfo company, has been one of the top companies in the Conversational Intelligence market over the last five years. Its defining features are the detailed transcribing and intelligence platform. It has to be said that Chorus.ai has done a great job of consistently finding new ways to derive deal intelligence from conversational data.

How does Avoma compare to Chorus.ai?

Avoma is focused on small businesses while Chorus is built for mid to large enterprises.

  • Chorus is though not a direct Avoma alternative, it has features including meeting recording , transcription and insights that can be used in place of Avoma.
  • Chorus is made for enterprise and mid market companies where Avoma is built for SMB, which usually means affordable plans.
  • Feature wise Chorus.ai caters to mid to large size sales teams and how it can help them track, improve and forecast sales.

How much does Chorus cost?

  • Chorus costs base price + $100-$200 per user/month.

Our recommendation: Though a great conversational tool, its pricing makes Chorus a less viable Avoma alternative if you’re a small business. 


Avoma vs Wingman

Wingman by Clari (acquired June’2022) is a conversation intelligence platform that helps you gather insights from all sales interactions. Wingman enables you to build a sales engine by recording calls, reviewing deals and doing sales coaching.

How does Avoma compare to Wingman?

Wingman is a revenue accelerator tool with a focus on SMBs whereas Avoma is a meeting assistant tool. A key feature differentiator that Wingman has is its live cue card that helps new sales reps better handle objections.

  • Wingman's focus is sales teams of medium enterprises with specific focus on improving revenue while Avoma focuses on just improving meetings, which indirectly might help improve sales.
  • Avoma and Wingman focus on similar customers, leading to similar pricing plans.
  • Focusing on revenue or sales, Wingman has many more sales focused enablement features when compared to Avoma. Live Cue cards being a good example.

How much does Wingman cost?

  • Wingman is priced $720 - $1320 per user per year

Our recommendation: If you are a mid -sized organisation looking for a sales focused revenue intelligence tool and a $1000 per sales person budget we suggest going with Wingman. Alternatively, if call and meeting recording is all you are looking for then Avoma would be a much better and budget friendly option.


Avoma vs Fireflies

Fireflies is an ai assistant for your meetings.

How does Avoma compare to Fireflies?

Fireflies and Avoma are very similar in terms of their offering and positioning with Fireflies having an option to upload audio files. However, Avoma also additionally helps you learn from conversations across the board to understand your customers, get insights to coach your team, and a lot more.

There are no significant difference in the product offered by both or the type of work it does for the company. Though Firelies focused on small and medium enterprises while Avoma has mid sized enterprises as it focus.

How much does Fireflies cost?

Fireflies has a free plan which can be used for most basic requirement and a paid plan starting at $19 per user per month.


Avoma vs Otter

Otter.ai is a speech-to-text software that creates shareable audio files and transcripts. Otter.ai offer different modules for individuals, teams, and students

How does Otter compare to Avoma? 

Otter positions itself as a recording and data-entry tool. It lacks the extra features centred around meeting intelligence, team performance, and deal intelligence in particular.

Our recommendation: If your requirement is quite basic - like a simple recording and transcribing tool, then Otter is a good option to consider.

How much does Otter cost?

Otter has a free plan, however, it is a good option for personal use only because of the limited features. Pro plan costs $156/user/year and Business plan costs $240/user/year


A) If you need an enterprise-grade conversation intelligence solution

  • Gong and Chorus.ai are the best solutions and have customers like Zoom, Hubspot, LinkedIn, etc. 

B) If you want to have a specialized and budget friendly tool for sales conversation intelligence.

  • MeetRecord is your best bet if you want to get a high-quality conversation intelligence tool but want the features at a more affordable price.
  • It offers robust features around people and deal intelligence.
  • It has a free plan with up to 50 meetings per month and a paid plan starting at $19 per month.

C) If you are a startup or small and medium business company

  • Call intelligence and sales coaching are essential for sales teams of companies in this category. MeetRecord and Wingman are a great fit, with MeetRecord's integrated sales coaching offering pushing it a notch higher. It also promises lowered adoption times with a free trial and SMB-friendly customer service.

D) If you are looking for a pure-play meeting assistant software or want only recording and transcriptions

  • Fireflies is the closest to Avoma if you need a budget-friendly alternative for meeting assistant software. 

           Otter is your best bet if you need only transcriptions. 

MeetRecord – An Avoma alternative for fast-growing teams

When you compare the features, flexibility, and pricing that MeetRecord provides, MeetRecord emerges as the strongest competition – given its focus on balancing pure meeting intelligence features with sales and deal intelligence.

Take MeetRecord on a test drive to see how it can help your team better manage customers. Request a demo or sign up for a free trial today (without any credit card details).

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