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What is Avoma?
What is meeting assistant?
3 Reasons companies look for Avoma competitors
- Lack focus on sales teams
- Ease of use
- ROI is hard to measure
Avoma alternatives
- Avoma v/s MeetRecord
- Avoma v/s Gong
- Avoma v/s Chorus
- Avoma v/s Wingman
- Avoma v/s Fireflies
- Avoma v/s Otter

What is Avoma?

Avoma is an AI meeting assistant. It aims to make meetings more actionable. Avoma have offering for all teams - Product, Design, Recruiting, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.

  • Avoma aims to get more out of all meetings, lets see how it positions itself on the website
Avoma value
  • Avoma is for all teams - Avoma offering varies for different teams but it aims to cater to all teams in the company. You can use Avoma as a recruiter to record interview calls, as a product manager to captrue and store customer interviews and as a sales rep use it to make better notes from all customer calls. Avoma is useful for all meetings, external as well as internal meetings.
Avoma team focus
  • It is a true meeting asssitant that helps in complete life cycle of the meetings.

Avoma offering

Avoma meeting assistant software helps you get organized, be productive, collaborate with other teams and get some intelligence from the calls.

Avoma offering

What is meeting assistant?

Meeting assistant software helps you carry out a meeting smoothly and a structured way. It adds value across the entire meeting lifecycles.

Benefits of Meeting assistant software:

  • Help you save time
  • Get call transcript
  • Create meeting highlights and summary
  • Create a repository of call
  • Improve overall meeting experience

3 Reasons companies look for Avoma competitors

Not focused on revenue teams

Avoma has a offering for all teams in the company, it is a good tool if you are looking for company wide implementation. Been a meeting assistant tool it does not offer many functionalities which other revenue intelligence and revenue acceleration tools provide for sales teams. Where tools like Gong, MeetRecord focus on revenue teams and product is aligned to achieve specific goals for these teams, Avoma lacks that focus.

Ease of use

Many customers on G2 have complained about ease of use of the tool. It happens that bot won't join your meetings initially, or speakers won't be identified even after you have given voice signature. Though Avoma is working on these issues and trying to make it user friendly, if you are the one seeking ease of use then look for Avoma alternative.

ROI is hard to measure

Every tool you use for you company has to serve a certain purpose and should have a measureable impact on cost. Though having an assistant for your meeting is cool but how you measure its impact and justify the cost. Before buying you should list down problems that you want this tool to solve and after using for some time check if it is able to do the job. Meeting assistant tool help you get productive but it is hard to put a number on it.

Avoma alternatives

Avoma alternative for Revenue intelligence:
1. Gong
2. Chorus
3. MeetRecord

Avoma alternatives for sales coaching:
1. Gong
2. MeetRecord
3. Wingman

Avoma alternative which focuses on Sale/CS team:
1. Gong
2. Chorus
3. MeetRecord

Wingman alternative for SMBs:
1. MeetRecord
2. Fireflies

Avoma v/s MeetRecord

About MeetRecord

MeetRecord is a meeting intelligence tool for customer facing teams. It helps capturing intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster. Top reason why companies choose MeetRecord:

Easy to use: MeetRecord is built for growing sales team. All of our customers are able to get started without much support. Tool is designed keeping busy sales rep in mind. Learning curve of the tool is super short, you can just connect with your favourite tools and get started.

Great support: MeetRecord is 5 star rated for support on G2. We work with you to understand your needs and ensure you get best out of MeetRecord.

Best in class Sales coaching: For most of our customers this is the most valued and most used offering. Sales leaders like to know what is happening in the customer calls and how they can make it better. MeetRecord goes beyond call record and transcription, it helps you find winning patterns and enable you to replicate it across team. You can listen to calls, rate a team member, give feedback on exact point and track their performance.

How does Avoma compare to MeetRecord?

  • MeetRecord is built for customer facing teams - Sales and Customer success
  • MeetRecord goes beyong meeting assistant features like Avoma and go deeper on revenue coaching and team performance
  • With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, MeetRecord promises round-the-clock support, with a dedicated support manager, throughout the engagement.
  • MeetRecord is more flexible to accommodate customizations that are necessary to get the work done.
  • MeetRecord is built for sales teams to close deals faster. In future MeetRecord will keep going deeper on these capabilities.

How much does MeetRecord cost?

Avoma v/s Gong

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence platform for the sales team that can transform conversations into data and insights.

How does Avoma compare to Gong?

  • While Avoma aligns more witg meeting assistance, Gong.io is a revenue intelligence tool.
  • If you go deeper, Avoma touches conversation intelligence on surface only, whereas Gong focuses more on actionable intelligence on people and deals with better CRM integration.
  • Avoma is built for SMB and Gong is built for enterprise

How much does Gong cost?

Starting cost for Gong.io i is around $5000 base price + $1200 per user/year.

Avoma v/s Chorus

Zoominfo company Chorus.ai has been one of the top companies in the Conversational Intelligence market over the last 5 years. Its defining features are the detailed transcribing and intelligence platform. In execution, it has to be said that Chorus.ai has done a great job of consistently finding new ways to derive deal intelligence from conversational data.

How does Avoma compare to Chorus.ai?

  • Avoma is not one of the like-to-like Chorus.ai alternatives, since conversational and revenue intelligence is not their core focus.
  • Chorus is made for enterprise and mid market companies where Avoma is builts for SMB
  • There are many features that are

How much does Chorus cost?

  • Chorus costs base price + $100-$200 per user/month.

Avoma vs Wingman

Wingman by Clari (acquired June’2022) is a conversation intelligence platform that helps you gather insights from all sales interactions. Wingman enables you to build a sales engine by recording calls, reviewing deals and doing sales coaching.

How does Avoma compare to Wingman?

  • Wingman is a revenue acceletor tools with focus on SMBs whereas Avoma is a meeting assistant tool
  • Wingman key feature differentior is live cue card that help new sales reps handle objections better

How much does Wingman cost?

  • Wingman is priced $720 - $1320 per user per year

Avoma vs Fireflies

Fireflies is an ai assistant for your meetings

How does Avoma compare to Fireflies?

  • Fireflies and Avoma are very similar in terms of their offering and positioning
  • Fireflies give options to upload audio files

How much does Fireflies cost?

  • Wingman is priced free plan - $19 per user per month

Avoma vs Otter

Otter.ai is speech to text software which creates shareable audio files and transcripts. Otter.ai offer different modules for individuals, teams and for students

How does Avoma compare to Otter?

Otter positions themselves as a recording and data-entry tool. It lacks the extra features centred around meeting intelligence, team performance, and deal intelligence in particular.

However, if your requirement is quite basic - like a simple recording and transcribing tool, then Otter is a good option to consider.

How much does Otter cost?

Otter has a free plan, however, it is a good option for personal use only because of the limited features. Pro plan costs $156/user/year and Business plan costs $240/user/year


A) If you want to have a specialised tool for conversation intelligence, but want a lower price

  • MeetRecord is an choices if you want to get a high quality conversation intelligence tool but want the features at a more affordable price.
  • MeetRecord offer robust features around people and deal intelligence.
  • It has a free plan with upto 50 meeting per month and paid plan starting $19 per month

B) If ease of use is important, and you need to get started faster

  • Best alternatives to get started faster is MeetRecord or Otter
  • With a blazing fast starting time and super-responsive service, you’ll be able to get started on your project within a period of 1 or 2 days.

C) If you are a startup or small and medium business company

  • Call intelligence and Sales coaching is essential for sales team of this size, MeetRecord or Wingman is great fit for you.
  • MeetRecord's sales coaching offering is best in the segment

D) If you need an enterprise-grade conversation intelligence solution

  • Gong and Chorus.ai are the best solutions
  • Gong.io and Chorus.ai have customers like Zoom, Hubspot, Linkedin

E) If you are looking for meeting assistant software

  • Avoma and Fireflies are the best solutions
  • They both focus to get the most out of your meeting

F) If you want only recording and transcriptions

  • Go for Otter or Avoma

G) If you want best ROI for sales teams

  • Go for MeetRecord. It has a free plan to get you started. Paid plans start at $19/rep/month

H) If you are a growing sales team

  • Go for MeetRecord or Wingman.

I) If you want to get started right away

MeetRecord – The best conversation intelligence platform

When comparing the features and more importantly, the pricing, MeetRecord stands as the clear winner as the best meeting intelligence platform out there while exploring Salesloft alternatives. While Gong and Chorus may have more features, they also cost over thousands of dollars and come with numerous features that you might not even use.

Take MeetRecord on a test drive to see how it can help your team better manage customers. Request for a demo or sign up for a free trial today (no credit card required).

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