5 Wingman alternatives and competitors you must know

May 31, 2024

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What is Wingman?
Top 3 reasons companies choose to buy Wingman
5 Wingman alternative and competitors
- Wingman vs Gong
- Wingman vs MeetRecord
- Wingman vs Chorus
- Wingman vs Avoma
- Wingman vs Otter
Which conversation intelligence tool is suitable for you?
- If you like live cue cards
- If you like ease of use
- If you like flexibility in payment terms
- If you want an enterprise grade solution
- If you want only recording and transcriptions
- If you want best ROI
- If you are a growing sales team
- If you wanted to get started right away

What is Wingman?

Wingman by Clari (acquired June’2022) is a conversation intelligence platform that helps you gather insights from all sales interactions. Wingman enables you to build a sales engine by recording calls, reviewing deals and doing sales coaching.

Top 3 reasons companies choose to buy Wingman

Cue cards on live call

Popping cue cards on a live call is the most distinguished feature offered by Wingman which is liked by most of its customers. When setting up your account you can set rules like if someone says on call “Is this the best you can do?” then it shows a cue card like show value of the product and share this case study. 

It is designed to help new sales reps handle objections on the go. Though useful, few customers have complained that it is a little distracting when you are having a deep conversation with customer. It is also found to be delayed many times making cue card useless as conversation has moved on. 


Wingman is positioning itself as one of top choices for mid market companies. Companies which are looking for a conversation intelligence tool but want to give it a spin before investing too heavily on the tool. Wingman offers a great value proposition for the sales team with its live cue cards, call scoring and mixtapes. 

If you are an SMB and like to explore conversation intelligence for you growing sales team then MeetRecord is another option you can look for. It would cost 50% less compared to Wingman for similar quality of features. MeetRecord has a free plan as well to get you started immediately.

Ease of use

Wingman is a self starter. There are tools like Gong and Chorus which need a lot of hand holding when you start, tools like Wingman are easy to use. It is an attribute likes by many companies and their employees. It cuts down on onboarding time and saves a lot on training. 

6 Wingman alternative and competitors

Here are 6 Wingman alternatives and competitors to consider if you are looking to buy Wingman or similar tools. All of them are conversation intelligence tools but differ in their offering and their focus. 

Wingman alternative for Revenue intelligence:
1. Gong
2. Chorus
3. MeetRecord

Wingman alternatives for sales coaching:
1. Gong
2. MeetRecord
3. Jiminny

Wingman alternative which focuses on Sale/CS team:
1. Gong
2. Chorus
3. MeetRecord
4. Jiminny

Wingman alternative for SMBs:
1. MeetRecord
2. Avoma

Snapshot of all Wingman competitors

Wingman competitors snapshot

Wingman vs Gong

Gong is the industry leader with more than 2000 customer and more than 30% of them are Enterprise. Gong is a revenue intelligence platform for the sales team. It helps enterprise teams gather intelligence from across channels like online meetings, calls, email and give insights on what they need to do to close deals sooner.

How does Wingman compare to Gong?

Wingman v/s Gong table

While Wingman aligns more with conversational intelligence with glimpses of revenue intelligence, Gong itself is a wholesome revenue intelligence tool. Gong’s does a far better job at pipeline prediction and revenue forecast based on data. It also suggests actionable insights for reps to do better. 

Looking deeper you would find that Wingman is much better suited for Mid-Large companies. It has sales coaching capabilities along with live cue cards that help sales leaders to focus more on business and less time coaching.

‍How much does Gong cost?

Starting cost for Gong.io is around $5000 base price + $1500 per user/year.

Wingman vs MeetRecord

MeetRecord is a meeting intelligence tool for customer facing teams. It helps capture intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster. 

Top reason why companies choose MeetRecord:

Easy to use: MeetRecord is built for growing sales teams. All of our customers are able to get started without much support. Tool is designed keeping busy sales rep in mind. Learning curve of the tool is super short, you can just connect with your favourite tools and get started.

Great support: MeetRecord is 5 star rated for support on G2. We work with you to understand your needs and ensure you get the best out of MeetRecord.

Best in class Sales coaching: For most of our customers this is the most valued and most used offering. Sales leaders like to know what is happening in the customer calls and how they can make it better. MeetRecord goes beyond call record and transcription, it helps you find winning patterns and enable you to replicate it across teams. You can listen to calls, rate a team member, give feedback on exact points and track their performance.

How does Wingman compare to MeetRecord?

Wingman feature comparison

Book a demo with MeetRecord to see MeetRecord in action

  • MeetRecord’s per-user price is 40-60% lower than Wingman for the same quality of features. (see image)
  • With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, MeetRecord promises round-the-clock support, with a dedicated support manager, throughout the engagement.
  • MeetRecord is more flexible to accommodate customizations that are necessary to get the work done.
  • MeetRecord is built for sales teams to close deals faster. In future MeetRecord will keep going deeper on these capabilities.

How much does MeetRecord cost?

Wingman vs Chorus

Chorus.ai has been one of the top companies in the Conversational Intelligence market over the last 5 years. Its defining features are the detailed transcribing and intelligence platform.

How does Wingman compare to Chorus.ai?

While Chorus.ai is focused on post-meeting intelligence for people and deals, Wingman does a lot of real-time assistance for sales coach reps.

Cue cards right at the time of the meeting can help provide the right information to accelerate the deal.

How much does Chorus cost?

Pricing starts around $500 per user/year. 

Wingman vs Avoma

Avoma is an intelligent meeting assistant for business people to automate some of the common tasks required for any business meeting. 

How does Wingman compare to Avoma?

Avoma positions itself as a meeting assistant and a note-taking tool. The intelligence and integration with CRM are less when compared to Wingman. Wingman is designed for Sales teams whereas Avoma is designed to be used by all teams including marketing manager and engineering manager.

If you are looking for a basic note-taking tool that does its use case and is extremely easy to use, then Avoma is a great option.

How much does Avoma cost?

Avoma has a free plan, however, it is a good option for personal use only because of the limited features. For features like CRM integration you would end paying around $720 per user/year. There are tighter restrictions around meeting and recording duration for transcription in lower plans.

Wingman vs Otter

Otter.ai is speech to text software which creates shareable audio files and transcripts. Otter.ai offer different modules for individuals, teams and for students

How does Wingman compare to Otter?

Otter positions themselves as a recording and data-entry tool. It lacks the extra features centred around meeting intelligence, team performance, and deal intelligence in particular.

However, if your requirement is quite basic - like a simple recording and transcribing tool, then Otter is a good option to consider.

How much does Otter cost?

Otter has a free plan, however, it is a good option for personal use only because of the limited features. Pro plan costs $156/user/year and Business plan costs $240/user/year

Which conversation intelligence tool is suitable for you?

If you like live cue cards ‍
- Go for Wingman

If you like ease of use‍
- Go for MeetRecord, Wingman or Otter

If you like flexibility in payment terms
- Go for MeetRecord as it offers a monthly payment option compared to Wingman, Gong and Chorus where you have to pay for the year in advance.

If you want an enterprise grade solution
- Go for Gong or Chorus, they are built for enterprise. It would require some support to get started, and it is claimed that ROI is realised in 11 - 12 months of time.  

If you want only recording and transcriptions
- Go for Otter or Avoma

If you want best ROI for sales team
- Go for MeetRecord. It has a free plan to get you started. Paid plans start at $19/rep/month

If you are a growing sales team
- Go for Wingman or MeetRecord

If you wanted to get started right away
- Go for MeetRecord. Get started here

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