How can I add keywords?

To add keywords

1. Go to Add Keywords after clicking on settings.

2. On the Keywords page, click on Add Keywords button

3. Enter the Keyword name and Select Keyword type:

Topic - Part of the conversation

Competitor - Keywords relating to competitors

Product Feature - Product related keywords like feature names, bugs, etc.

Mandatory - Keywords that should be present in the recording.

4. In case you select mandatory as keyword-type, a new text-field named Order will be shown. Select the expected chronological order of the appearance of this keyword.

For eg. If the keyword 'Problem' should come before 'Solution', Order of 'Problem' is 1 and 'Solution' is 2

5. Add the tags or words that corelate with this tag. This helps has find the keywords better.

That's it.

Once the keywords are added, we process your last 25 recordings for data.

The result will be shown in the keywords tab of the recording as below