How do I integrate with Zoom?

Proposed Solution

1. To the Sign up page and enter your email address

2. Click on the 'Connect' button to connect your Zoom account

3. Authorize Zoom account integration

4. We immediately start processing recordings in your Personal Meeting ID. Wait for the processing to complete. It would ideally take around 3 minutes.

5. Click on 'View Recordings' to check the recording.

6. We will automatically sync your recordings periodically every 1 hour or so. In case, you need to sync recording immediately you can click on 'Sync Recording'.

  1. Next time when you do a Zoom call, On the Zoom app, click on the Record button > and then 'Record to the Cloud'.

MeetRecord shall fetch the recordings from you Zoom Cloud Storage using APIs. MeetRecord's AI software will analyze calls for insights and add them to your account.

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